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Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

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Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

Your primary goal should be concentrating on your physical and emotional recovery if you were hurt in a car accident in Philadelphia as a result of someone else’s carelessness or wrongdoing.

Suppose you have a catastrophic vehicle accident and lose a loved one. In that case, you probably care more about grieving and providing comfort to your family than worrying about how you’re going to make ends meet.Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

The skilled and sympathetic Philadelphia auto accident lawyers at The Levin Injury Firm are available to assist.Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

We have vast expertise with the insurance and legal procedures for those hurt by carelessness, and if you move swiftly and carefully, you can be qualified for a sizeable payout.

You don’t have to handle the financial strain and administrative challenges that come with auto accidents; let us handle the legal burden and assist you in getting the care and compensation you need.

Our Philadelphia Auto Accident Attorneys Are Available to Assist

Why Pick Us for Your Philadelphia Car Accident Injury?

Following a catastrophic auto collision in Philadelphia, you might not know who to call for assistance. Our Philadelphia auto accident attorneys at The Levin Firm aim to be the first and last people you ever need to contact.Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

How come? Since we are equipped with the knowledge and tools required to handle your case!

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers: The Levin Firm

When you have a significant vehicle accident in Philadelphia, our goal is to make sure you get paid the entire amount of damages. In order to achieve positive results, we concentrate on our clients and their particular circumstances.Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

You will have a personal meeting with a member of our distinguished legal team who will take up your automobile accident case from the beginning.

Our successful history speaks for itself. We have a track record of obtaining multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients involved in severe Philadelphia auto accidents.

But don’t believe us when we say this! See what our former clients are saying about our legal practice.

Conveniently situated near Philadelphia’s Center City.

It is your responsibility to learn about your legal options if you were hurt in a car accident in Philadelphia.

Our Philadelphia automobile accident attorneys are available to meet with you in our office, at your home, or at any convenient location in order to assist you further. We can even have a virtual meeting with you to discuss your auto accident injuries.

Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney Gabriel Levin

Our office is easily accessible at Two Penn Center, 1500 John F. Kennedy Blvd. Located just around the corner from City Hall and across the street from JFK Plaza, we are in the center of downtown Philadelphia.

You can get off at the City Hall Subway Station, the Suburban Station, or the 15th St. Trolley Station if you’re taking public transportation to our office.Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

For a free consultation with a member of our staff, give us a call at (215) 825-5183 or contact us online via chat. You can also reach us toll-free at (877) 825-8542.

Would You Like to Know More?

A Guide for Taking Action Following a Car Accident in Philadelphia
We warmly encourage you to attend a free consultation as soon as possible if you want more information regarding your legal rights and choices following an automobile accident.

Even before they visit our offices, a lot of accident victims who have been hurt ask us what they may do to support their case.Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

We’ve put together a list ofWhy Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia things you may do following a vehicle accident in Philadelphia to help you better.

Acquire duplicates of your health records.

Get a copy of the police report. A woman sits on the ground following an automobile accident in Philadelphia.
Recuperation journals should have thorough information.
Save all of your receipts and medical costs.
Keep all of your doctor’s and treatment appointments.
Observe your doctor’s recommended course of action.
Speak with your insurer.

Never provide an insurer with a recorded statement.
Keep the car in good condition for the significant evidence it is.
Assemble any more data or proof that could support your argument.
Avoid using social media.
Never take responsibility for your actions.

How Can Our Philadelphia Automobile Accident Attorneys Assist?Our auto accident lawyers have extensive experience with Pennsylvania’s courts, insurance companies, and highways.Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

We use the insightful knowledge we’ve gathered from each successful case to help our clients receive the money they are entitled to.

Automobile mishaps have the potential to destroy your financial stability and have long-term effects. The Levin Firm is here to help victims of auto accidents by pursuing just compensation.

Our skilled Philadelphia car accident lawyers are here to offer assistance to people who have suffered severe injuries or the death of a loved one in a vehicle accident.

How may we assist?

Our attorneys hear you.The knowledgeable staff at The Levin Firm will take the time to get to know you and your family in order to figure out how to optimize the amount of money you get.

Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia
Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

We’ll pay attention to your narrative and your objectives for getting legal counsel so we can assist you in getting back what you lost in the vehicle accident.

Our attorneys will look into your matter.

Our skilled attorneys will investigate all the information to find out what happened and who is at fault.

We examine every facet of our customers’ auto accident occurrences using our extensive resources and legal expertise. We make an effort to confirm that we have located every person who might be held accountable, and we look for the highest amount of money that is permitted by law.

Our attorneys look for EVERY kind of payment.

The Levin Firm will assist you in looking for alternative avenues of compensation if the party responsible for your accident does not have sufficient insurance coverage.

No matter how many people may be at fault for your injuries, our staff has the expertise to identify them. Our goal is to assist our clients in receiving the justice they are due.

Experts work for our legal firm.

We seek the assistance of experts like accident reconstructionists and economic analysts to gain a deeper understanding of the consequences of auto accidents.

In addition, we collaborate with economists to estimate the possible loss of future income and with physicians to estimate the expenses of long-term care for individuals who have suffered severe injuries.

Our clients are able to get a more thorough grasp of the financial ramifications of their crashes thanks to these measures.

Our attorneys bargain with insurance providers.

While you’re recovering from an auto accident, dealing with the insurance company is the last thing you should worry about.

Our legal team at the Levin Firm is exceptionally skilled at negotiating with insurance companies and protecting clients against strategies used by insurers to reduce their payouts.

Our skilled auto accident lawyers work to get the largest settlement possible. We will communicate with insurance adjusters whenever feasible to guarantee that our clients get paid the entire amount owed.

Our lawyers take cases to trial in court.

A personal injury lawsuit might be your best bet for getting the justice you’re entitled to in some car accident cases. We are skilled trial attorneys prepared to defend you in court and put your case in front of the jury.

What is the Value of My Car Accident Claim in Philadelphia?
No one can guarantee how much a claim is worth before initiating the legal processes that surround it. However, your compensation could be considerable depending on the extent of your injuries and other damages.

At The Levin Firm, we strive to make sure that you don’t have to suffer financially from a car accident that wasn’t your fault.

The amount of compensation you might receive depends on the specifics of the incident. While it can range from millions of dollars to tens of thousands, our goal is to secure you the maximum amount possible.

The severity of your injuries

Your age and health condition at the time of the accident
Your life circumstances, such as whether you:
Had a job or career
Supported or cared for family members
Were active in the community

How the accident happened and who was at fault
The potential difficulty and expense of proving your case
The availability of insurance to cover your losses

At The Levin Firm, we understand that money cannot solve all the problems a car accident creates. It doesn’t bring back loved ones who were taken from us before their time. It doesn’t take away the physical pain of a back injury or the emotional difficulty of brain damage.

However, money can help you and your family find stability after the tragedy. A monetary settlement can eliminate the mountains of bills that pile up, and it can pay for medical treatments and services that give you a chance to adjust to a “new normal.”

What Types of Damages Can I Recover From a Philadelphia Car Accident?
Helping Philadelphia Car Accident Victims Seek the Compensation They Deserve
Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer

After a car accident in Philadelphia, you need a law firm on your side that can help you recover damages. The term “damages” refers to the victims’ losses. Compensation is available for these losses, either through a settlement or a judgment.

Recovering damages after a car accident requires proving fault and establishing the losses you suffered. A Philadelphia car accident attorney can help you prove your case and obtain maximum compensation after a car crash.

The damages available in Pennsylvania civil courts include:

Medical bills. This includes recovery for your past and future medical bills. Rehabilitation expenses, surgeries, treatment, doctor’s office visits, and disability costs are some of the damages you can recover.
Lost wages.

An accident may cause you to miss valuable time at work. This can directly impact your ability to earn a living and pay your living expenses. Any settlement or judgment you receive should reimburse you for lost income.Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

Loss of future earnings. When your injuries result in a disability or long-term damage, you may not be able to work in your chosen profession. You could request payment for lost future earnings if you suffered a disability after a Philadelphia car accident.

Property damage. Car accidents often cause significant property damage. This can include damage to your car and other personal belongings in the vehicle, such as cell phones, laptops, and car seats. You could recover the total value of your car before the accident if your crash resulted in a complete loss.
Pain and suffering.

This is one type of non-economic damage you can seek. Non-economic damages cover losses that are more difficult to quantify, including pain, suffering, and emotional distress.
Punitive damages. Sometimes, a judge will order punitive damages. These types of damages are rare, but they seek to punish the negligent driver for their actions.

Pennsylvania operates under modified comparative negligence law. This means that if the other driver tries to place some of the blame for the accident on you, it may make it challenging to recover total damages.

A Philadelphia accident attorney will protect you from bogus or exaggerated claims about your liability and recover all of the compensation you need and deserve.

In addition, there can be caps on the amount of compensation you can obtain. Our Pennsylvania car accident lawyers will review your case and help you determine how much you could receive if you file a Pennsylvania car accident lawsuit.Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

Who Is to Blame For My Philadelphia Car Accident?

As lawyers who represent victims of Philadelphia car accidents, we spend a lot of time and energy thinking about fault, and for good reason.

In Pennsylvania, who was at fault in a motor vehicle accident determines who owes damages to the victim and how much the victim should recover. As such, we focus on identifying who was at fault in a car accident as soon as possible.

It All Usually Comes Down to Negligence

In the most basic sense, the person at fault for an accident is the one whose actions caused it to happen.

Under Pennsylvania law, the person or entity at fault for an accident will be on the hook for paying damages to those injured only if their actions were wrongful.Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

Most of the time, people don’t try to cause a car accident. (Obviously, if they do, they’ll be held liable.) Instead, legal liability for a car accident usually boils down to whether the person or entity at fault acted negligently in causing a motor vehicle accident.

To prove someone was negligent in a car accident claim in Pennsylvania, you must prove four key elements:

There existed a duty of care to drive or act reasonably
The duty was breached by acting in an unreasonable way
The unreasonable behavior caused the accident
The auto accident victim suffered harm as a result of the accident
All drivers in Pennsylvania owe a duty of care to everyone on the road, including other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

That duty requires drivers to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner, which should prevent accidents and injuries to others.Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

In Pennsylvania, every driver must follow traffic laws and regulations. These laws provide guidelines for what constitutes that duty of care.Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

When a driver breaks those rules and gets into an accident, that violation is evidence that they were “negligent” behind the wheel.Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

Our Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers Can Find All Responsible Parties
The Levin Firm – Philadelphia Car Accident Attorneys

As soon as we are hired, an experienced Philadelphia car accident lawyer at The Levin Firm will identify all the liable parties responsible for the accident and our client’s injuries.Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

In motor vehicle collisions, there may be more than one responsible party. Your attorney will identify them to provide you with the best chance of obtaining maximum compensation.

Parties who may be entirely or partially at fault for your accident include:

Companies or other entities can be responsible for accidents due to their influence over a driver’s control of their vehicle.

For instance, when a shipping company does not properly secure the cargo in a tractor-trailer, the vehicle is in danger of overturning. Similarly, a government agency responsible for designing or maintaining roads could act negligently by poorly building a road or leaving it in such a condition that an accident is more likely to occur.Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

Manufacturers can be liable if an auto part or vehicle they produced is faulty and a car accident occurs. A product can be defective if it has a design defect, has a manufacturing defect, or does not come with a suitable warning. Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

If someone is injured or dies in an automobile that was not crashworthy, then the car manufacturer can be held liable according to Pennsylvania law.Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia

A bar or tavern that served a drunk driver. Under Pennsylvania’s Dram Shop Law, a bar or restaurant can be held legally liable for damages a drunk driver causes in an accident. It is illegal for a restaurant or bar in Pennsylvania to sell alcohol to someone who is “visibly intoxicated.”

If the visibly intoxicated person gets into an accident on the way home, the restaurant or bar runs the risk of being liable to the drunk driver’s victims. To prove liability under the Dram Shop Law, the victim needs only show the bar or restaurant sold the driver alcohol when the person was visibly intoxicated and caused the accident.Why Choose Us For Your 1 Best Car Accident Injury in Philadelphia