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West Palm Beach Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers

West Palm Beach Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers

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West Palm Beach Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers

Attorneys for Nursing Home Abuse in West Palm Beach, Florida Aiding in the Battle Against Nursing Home Malpractice in Palm Beach County and Across Florida

Families who place loved ones in a Florida nursing home anticipate receiving at least a minimum of an acceptable standard of care from the facility. You can sue the nursing home by working with knowledgeable West Palm Beach nursing home negligence attorneys if the facility mistreats or neglects its residents.Home Negligence Lawyers

Florida has a long history of providing subpar care in nursing homes, just like many other states. According to a World Health Organization study, 12% of nursing home employees claimed to have neglected their patients, and 2 out of 3 employees admitted to abusing patients in the previous year.

However, the unnamed businesses that run nursing homes on tight budgets are frequently held accountable for this. Many of the homes have an inadequate number of staff members who are also underpaid and poorly trained. Home Negligence Lawyers Home Negligence Lawyers

In the event that your loved one suffered in West Palm Beach, you have the right to sue these facilities and receive compensation if they do not maintain the necessary standard of care.

A Nursing Home Suit In Palm Beach County and Throughout Florida, Negligence and Abuse
It’s not easy to put a loved one in a nursing home, but it’s frequently the only option available.

However, you don’t anticipate that the home will mistreat or neglect its occupants in any manner when you do. Regretfully, neglect is widespread, and some residents even experience abuse. This comprises:

Neglecting to tend to patients in bed, leading to bedsores

Malnourishment and dehydration
Unidentified wounds
Insufficient personal hygiene and grooming
Inadequate supervision leads to medication errors, choking, falls, and aggressive behavior among patients

Excessive physical or chemical restraints are another practice used by some nursing homes, particularly on residents who have conditions like dementia and schizophrenia.

Indices of Neglect in Nursing Homes

Those who live in nursing homes are among the most vulnerable people in society. Because they cannot frequently advocate for themselves, we must safeguard them and take action against care facilities and nursing homes that are careless.

The following are a few of the most typical indicators of care facility neglect:

severe dehydration and unexplained weight loss
tattered or dirty clothes
unclean facilities
Unidentified wounds

Sores, wounds without clothes, and infections
Inadequate security and careless employees
A shift in mood and behavior, particularly in anxiety, depression, and withdrawal
deteriorating health circumstances

Money and valuables disappearing

It’s critical to be alert for indications of poor care and negligence because nursing homes are skilled at hiding them. It could be beneficial to engage with West Palm Beach nursing home negligence attorneys if you believe your loved one is being mistreated in a nursing home.

Abuse in Nursing Homes

Abuse in nursing homes differs from negligence in that it is nearly always done on purpose. Similar to negligence, it is frequently the outcome of hiring inexperienced, incompetent, and underpaid employees and understaffing. Home Negligence Lawyers

Abuse may be physical or psychological. The most frequent instances include stealing, sexual abuse, medical abuse, insults, derogatory remarks, threats of violence, and even fatalities. Work with our West Palm Beach, Florida, nursing home abuse attorneys right now to help a loved one who has suffered any neglect or abuse at a nursing home get justice and compensation.

West Palm Beach Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers
West Palm Beach Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers

How to File a Negligence Suit Against Nursing Homes in Palm Beach County and Across Florida
Florida nursing homes are now shielded from liability due to the volume of lawsuits filed against them. To begin with, the majority of nursing homes are covered by liability insurance, and legal teams are assigned to defend them. Home Negligence Lawyers

Additionally, nursing homes may mislead you into signing arbitration agreements, which force you to settle disagreements in private, usually with a judge of their choosing. Because of this power disparity and the difficulties involved in establishing and pursuing a case of this kind, you should only deal with the most skilled West Palm Beach nursing home negligence attorneys.

You have a few choices, depending on the circumstances and the admission documents for your loved one. A lawsuit may be filed, an agency complaint may be filed with the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA/NCAL), adult protective services may be contacted, or the abuse may be reported to the police.Home Negligence Lawyers

According to Florida statutes,

You must first give the defendants notice of your intention to sue if you choose to file a lawsuit. To support your case, you must also conduct an investigation, which can be challenging. Your attorney will guide the following actions to help you present a compelling case.

How to Win a Florida and Palm Beach County Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit

It is crucial to gather as much evidence as you can in order to increase the likelihood that your lawsuit will succeed. Workers in nursing homes are legally obligated to document and report any indications of abuse, but they don’t always follow through on that. Thus, the onus is on you and your attorney to carry out thorough investigations. Home Negligence Lawyers

Witness accounts, police reports, medical records, and photographs and videos are a few examples of the evidence needed to demonstrate negligence. Medical experts’ opinions can also support and bolster your case.Home Negligence Lawyers

The majority of nursing home negligence cases are complicated, involving hundreds of hours of work, several experts, and preparation before a judge. Your chances of winning the lawsuit are highest when you work with knowledgeable and experienced West Palm Beach, Florida, nursing home abuse attorneys.

Select Palm Beach County’s Top Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys

Several of Palm Beach County’s most renowned and accomplished personal injury attorneys practice at Domnick, Cunningham & Yaffa. Our vast experience in handling cases involving nursing home negligence has allowed us to secure multi-million dollar settlements for our clients.

To get things started, we’ll give your case a free review and assist you in determining how to prevail in court so that your loved one can receive justice. Please speak with us right now to have the top attorneys handling your case.