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Top 10 Disability Lawyers Near Me

Top 10 Disability Lawyers Near Me

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Top 10 Disability Lawyers Near Me

How do you find the best Disability Lawyer? Hard work and years of experience in the disability arena are qualities found among the best Disability Lawyers. If you find a young attorney who has not been out of law school for very long, they likely have less experience than an older attorney who has been around for a while.

Likewise, if you find an attorney who practices several different areas of law, they will likely have less experience in any one place.

Some firms advertise that their attorneys have many years of combined experience. Sometimes, they do this by adding up the collective years of experience of all the attorneys in their office to make it look like they have many years of experience.

They may have ten attorneys with only three years of experience in their office. They add up all attorneys and claim they have 30 years of experience. Don’t be fooled by those marketing ploys.

At our disability office, Disability Lawyer Donald Peters alone has over 36 years of experience winning Social Security SSD SSDI and SSI cases at all levels, including application, appeals, reconsideration, hearings, Appeals Council Reviews, and Federal Court litigation.

Inexperience does not win disability cases, and our office does not use inexperienced attorneys. Donald Peters is a highly experienced disability lawyer with the highest A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. He has been called the “most prepared” attorney by disability Judges. A hearing Judge has asked Mr. Peters to appear at a seminar to teach other disability lawyers how to write a disability hearing brief correctly.

Call for a Free Consultation to Find the Best Lawyer For Your Disability Claim

Free Consultation with a top Disability Lawyer early in the process is one of the best ways to maximize your likelihood of prevailing on your initial disability application or at your hearing. It would help if you used your Free Consultation to determine whether the disability firm you are speaking with has the best Disability Lawyer for your specific needs.

When you call a disability firm, ask many questions during your complimentary Consultation. If they can’t or don’t take the time to answer your questions so that you understand 100%, then that is not the firm for you. Call somewhere else. Call several firms before you make your decision on who is the best attorney for you to hire.

Although many disability firms will say you need an attorney to apply, this is untrue. If they tell you this, you can bet they do not have the best Disability Lawyers available. The best Disability Attorneys typically do not like to spend their time completing an application that the Claimant can do his or herself.

Instead, the best Disability Lawyers would devote their time and efforts to more complex issues the Claimant cannot accomplish. On the other hand, however, we don’t want you to make any mistakes on your application that could jeopardize your claim.

That is why we will always file your application with our best disability attorney if you would rather not do it yourself.

At Social Security Professionals, we believe the very best Disability Lawyers should devote their time and efforts to preparing hearing and appeal briefs and preparing Claimants for their hearings. Although we can design and file your application for you, many Claimants like to do that themselves, and we remain available to the Claimant for Free Advice and Free Consultation. That is what the best Disability Lawyers do.

The best Disability Attorneys handle the complex issues that Claimants are not trained to handle. Top Disability Attorneys will encourage the Claimant to stay involved with their case. Successful Claimants who ultimately win their cases always agree that their involvement with their application helped them learn the process and helped prepare them to understand and win their disability hearing.

The application does not involve any legal knowledge. The application and various forms are lengthy and time-consuming but straightforward.

The Social Security Administration wants to know why you can’t work, what conditions you suffer, the names, addresses, and phone numbers of your treating physicians and mental health professionals, your work history, and the medications you take and side effects from them, if any.

All of the above information is within your knowledge, and it makes little or no sense for you to pay an attorney who will have a secretary or assistant take that information from you and relay it to the Social Security Administration and then charge an attorney fee.

That only happens when you speak with our office’s best SSD SSDI or SSI attorney. You will not be passed to a secretary if you need us to file your application.

Whether you apply yourself or want us to use it, you will always have the best disability lawyer with the highest A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau guiding you and applying for you when you call our office.

Never Answer the Disability Activities Questionnaire Without Help From a Top Disability Lawyer

Beware of the FUNCTION REPORT – ADULT. SSA will ask you to complete an 8-9 page daily activities questionnaire during the application process. Call our office to speak with a Top Disability Lawyer to help meet the Adult Function Report activities questionnaire.

Top 10 Disability Lawyers Near Me

Some attorneys do not recognize the significance of this questionnaire and tell the Claimant to complete it themselves. Other attorneys, let a secretary or assistant who has never seen a disability hearing help you with it. This is a severe mistake not made by the best available disability lawyers.

The questionnaire is so important that we have posted a warning about it multiple times on this website. Good disability Lawyers will never let you answer this by yourself.

It is the most critical document you will complete because it can be fatal to your claim if not completed carefully and accurately.

Please do not attempt to answer it without a disability attorney’s advice. Call Social Security Professionals for a Free Consultation to discuss the completion of this document.


Even though you do not need an attorney to file your application, you should always speak with a top disability lawyer as soon as you can, preferably before you apply, so that you can map out a coherent game plan designed to win your Social Security Hearing ultimately.

In other words, you must begin working on winning your hearing even before you apply. The more organized you can present your claim, the easier it is for a Judge to decide in your favor.

You will need an experienced disability lawyer who has handled thousands of hearings to do this. You can call Social Security Professionals anytime for a Free Consultation to discuss your case strategy.

You want to speak with an actual disability attorney, not a secretary or assistant who has never seen a hearing. When you call a disability lawyer at Social Security Professionals to discuss your case, you will never be pushed off to a legal assistant or secretary. You will only consult your case with the attorney who will ultimately handle your hearing.

Is a Disability “Representative” or “Advocate” the Same as an Attorney?

No! You can hire a non-attorney representative, often called a “representative” or “advocate.” Or, you can hire an attorney. Disability “representatives” or “advocates” are not attorneys and have no license, although they may not want you to know this. Ironically, these non-attorneys charge attorney fees even though they are not attorneys.

Interestingly, many people hire representatives or advocates believing they are hiring a licensed attorney when, in fact, they are not. Just about anybody can claim to be a representative or advocate.

Although non-attorney representatives and advocates can handle Social Security claims, their backgrounds differ significantly from licensed attorneys in various respects.

There is no advantage to hiring an advocate or representative, but there can be a significant downside.

Advocates or representatives need little to no formal education or training, and State Bar Associations do not regulate them. If an attorney mishandles your case, the State Bar could remove the attorney’s license. If an advocate or representative beats your case, the State Bar cannot accept that representative or advocate’s license because they don’t have one.

Attorneys have numerous obstacles to overcome before they can be licensed attorneys. Attorneys have to graduate from College and then apply to and be accepted into Law School. Many Law School applicants are rejected.

A prospective attorney will have to graduate from law school successfully, but many fail in that regard and never become Attorneys. Even after graduating from Law School, the law student must pass a two-day State Bar Exam and an ethics background check to become a licensed attorney.

Some would-be attorneys fail their Bar Exam and never become Attorneys. Consequently, if they wish to represent disability Claimants, they must do so as a representative or advocate.

Before hiring an attorney, ensure they are a licensed attorney in good standing. Likewise, ensure that your prospective attorney is the Best Disability Attorney for your particular needs.

In addition to the above, attorneys have had formal training during Law School and seminars in direct and cross-examining witnesses and other trial techniques. Attorneys can appear in court and further develop trial skills.

Attorneys are trained through formal education, continuing education, and court experience to represent clients during an adversarial process. In the context of a Social Security Disability Hearing, attorneys are well prepared through years of education and training to battle SSA and expert witnesses who may testify against you so that you don’t have to.

Ironically, non-attorney representatives charge attorney fees even though they are not attorneys. If you pay attorney fees, it would make sense to hire an actual Attorney. You don’t want an attorney, however.

The most desirable and best Disability Lawyers will have years of experience preparing hearing and appeal briefs, winning hearings, and winning appeals. Finally,

if your case ends up in a court of law such as the Federal District Court on request, you should know that non-attorneys cannot appear in court; only attorneys can.

Why Call Social Security Professionals to Win Your Disability Claim?

Social Security Professionals uses only the best disability lawyers to help win your claim. We do not use inexperienced attorneys or push you off to secretaries or assistants who have never even seen a disability hearing.

Top Disability Lawyer Donald Peters frequently receives praise from Disability Judges for his highly detailed winning hearing briefs. Judges have referred to Mr. Peters as the “most prepared disability lawyer.”

A disability Judge has asked Mr. Peters to teach other disability lawyers how to write an effective disability hearing brief. Other disability Lawyers often seek Mr. Peters’ advice on disability cases.

In light of numerous major victories and quality representation, it is no surprise that Mr. Peters has obtained the Highest A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

You can call Mr. Peters any time for a Free Consultation. Mr. Peters provides many disability services for free. If it becomes necessary to hire Mr. Peters to win your disability claim, please know that you need no money to hire Mr. Peters. Mr. Peters receives only a tiny percentage of past-due benefits as his fee only if you win. Mr. Peters gets nothing if you lose.

Call for a Free Consultation to find the Best Disability Lawyer for you and to maximize your chance of winning your SSD SSI and disability claims. (248) 549-3485. FREE CONSULTATION. Best Disability Lawyers.