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The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

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The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

Everyone in this nation is granted rights and benefits by the law, which contribute to ensuring their freedom, security, and quality of life. Regretfully, in the United States, politicians, law enforcement agencies, hate groups, and other organizations regularly attack fundamental rights.

Ben Crump’s civil rights practice exemplifies how his philosophy that everyone deserves justice is at the center of every case he takes on. The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

Mr. Crump is an attorney whose practice focuses primarily on taking pro bono and other civil rights matters that emphasize your rights. The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

Mr. Crump and his group are prepared to retaliate should your rights be violated.

How Frequently Do Violations of Civil Rights Happen?

The United States is renowned across the globe for its dedication to civil rights. We still have a long way to go despite this. Regretfully, many civil rights breaches still happen despite the enormous progress made. Attorney Ben Crump is just getting started, having already won over 200 cases involving police misconduct alone (Rizzo, 2020).The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

You have the following civil rights if you reside in this country, regardless of who you are:

You were not being subjected to discrimination because you belonged to a protected class.

Freedom of assembly, speech, and religion

The entitlement to due process in the procedure

The ability to file a government petition

It is time to contact a civil rights attorney if you think your unalienable rights have been infringed. Making anybody who abuses these rights responsible for damages in a court of law is the only way to preserve and defend the rights we hold dear.The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

How Do Civil Rights Attorneys Practice?

Whether a person is an immigrant or a citizen of the United States, a civil rights lawyer fights for them when their rights are violated. They can participate in civil and criminal proceedings and are specialists in the liberties guaranteed to individuals by our Constitution.

The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation
The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

The following are a few instances of civil rights violations:

Prejudice in the Workplace

brutality by police

Pay infractions

The application of undue force

Sexual abuse

hate-related crimes

Rights of labor violations

Unusual and cruel punishment

Breach of search and seizure protocols

Human smuggling

Cases of whistleblowers

Mr. Crump has defended individuals in several well-known cases, including George Floyd and Trayvon Martin (Martinez, 2020). Ben Crump not only secures compensation for victims and their surviving family members in a civil rights lawsuit settlement, but he also ensures that the defendants are held responsible, reducing the likelihood of future violations.The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

What Is the Fee for a Civil Rights Attorney?

People commonly choose not to litigate for their civil rights in court because of the expense. You might believe that you cannot bring a defendant to court since you lack the hundreds or thousands of dollars to pay an attorney.The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

Mr. Crump takes cases on a contingency fee basis because he believes that protecting your rights should not be based on your ability to pay. This implies that there will be no upfront payment. Instead, after you win, your payout will cover your legal costs. A third of every settlement is given to Ben Crump Law Firm, PLLC (Rizzo, 2020).The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

Allow Ben Crump to Protect Your Rights

Seeking justice in the face of solid institutions such as the government, police departments, and schools can be challenging when you are involved in a situation where your rights are violated. In Mr. Crump’s opinion, this is the height of unfairness and cannot continue.

Mr. Crump is a competent and knowledgeable personal injury attorney who has handled numerous well-known civil rights cases successfully. He is qualified to handle your case as well. Our track record makes it abundantly evident that every one of our attorneys is committed to getting the finest outcomes for our clients. The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

Michael Brown, Jacob Blake, Breonna Taylor, Corey Jones, and Andre Hill are just a few of the recent civil rights issues Mr. Crump has defended in the media.The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

Effective Settlements of Civil Rights Cases

These examples demonstrate that Ben Crump understands what it takes to achieve results:

The family of 14-year-old Martin Lee Anderson, who was brutally murdered after enrolling at a Florida boot camp, has raised more than $10 million.The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

$4.9 million for an African-American: man who suffered horrific police abuse that left him crippled after he was falsely accused of inciting a fight at a nightclub.The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

In the courts, Mr. Crump can stand up for you, fighting for your rights and attempting to provide justice and closure to individuals who have suffered the most tremendous losses. Call 800-658-8448 to speak with him about your civil rights violation claim.The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

Personal Injury Attorneys for No-Cost Assessment

Legal disputes involving parties other than businesses and individuals are frequent occurrences. Personal injury, product responsibility, medical malpractice, wrongful death, workers’ compensation, and social security disability are some possible dispute topics. The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

In a dispute of this kind, the goals are to make amends, enforce the terms of a contract, or secure fair recompense for any harm or losses sustained. A competent and skilled personal injury law office, O’Donnell Law Offices, will assist you in resolving your legal case successfully.

Our track record demonstrates our success, and it is also recognized by our inclusion in the National Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers, membership in the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and Super Lawyers’ list of Pennsylvania’s finest attorneys.The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation
With a focus on family law

We know the numerous nuances surrounding family law and divorce matters. We have given many families in the Salt Lake Valley the necessary legal knowledge to enable them to make informed judgments about their cases. You may feel secure with Wall and Wall, knowing that you have a lawyer who will fight for your rights, The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

who will pay close attention to what you have to say, and who understands the feelings involved. Together, we will create a plan to settle your case, and at every stage, you will be updated on significant developments. We will work together to get the most outstanding result possible for you and your family.

Following clients’ best interests

Communication is the cornerstone of our company. Throughout your case, we keep you updated to ensure we achieve your objectives. To put their combined 105 years of legal experience to work for you, our partners are in constant communication.

You meet with our partners directly when you schedule a consultation with us—not a paralegal, associate, or legal assistant. You are the only person our personal injury attorneys answer to.

Our aim at Cunningham & Mears is to put you back in a situation as close to pre-accident as possible, not to maximize our legal fees. We guarantee to inform you whether this is the case or whether you require aggressive court representation. Sometimes, all you need is assistance finding a medical practitioner, not legal counsel. The 10 Best Lawyers Near Me With Free Consultation

We take great satisfaction in being chosen for participation in esteemed groups like the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Top 100 Lawyers of The American Trial Lawyers Association, as we are incredibly successful personal injury attorneys. See our verdicts and settlements for additional information on our outstanding outcomes.

Most importantly, we want you to feel at ease making the best choices for you. Many people we have dealt with want what is fair, either from an insurance policy or program they paid into or from the person who caused them to miss time at work.

They do not want to go to trial. Nevertheless, sometimes, that is the best course of action. We prepare every case for litigation because, should negotiation fail, we will defend your rights in court.

Is there a personal injury attorney in your vicinity?

Oklahoma City is home to two offices of Cunningham & Mears. Our first location is 4 minutes away by vehicle from Penn Square Mall at 5104 N Francis Ave., Suite 102 in Oklahoma City. There is lots of parking nearby and easy access to the office. Our second location can be found in Oklahoma City’s Brookhaven West neighborhood at 9428 Westgat: Suite 102B.

It is off the Northwest Expressway and only a short stroll from Resurrection Cemetery. There is an abundance of parking available at both locations. We will visit you in hospitals and at home if you are too ill or injured to come to us.

Speak with an Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer with experience.

Cunningham & Mears is committed to assisting Oklahomans who have been injured. If your injuries are too severe for you to come to us, we can visit you at home or in the hospital. We provide flexible office hours by appointment. We have complimentary valet parking and are ideally situated in downtown Oklahoma City, across the street from the courtroom.

Contact us or give 405-347-8326 a call at any time to arrange a free initial consultation if you want more information about our outstanding personal injury representation. Thanks to our expert response service, you can always get in touch with live support.