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Since 1980, San Bernardino County, California, has increased. It was home to just over 895,000 people at the time. The current population of San Bernardino County is over 2,180,000.

California’s largest county is San Bernardino. Its size surpasses that of states like West Virginia. A county this size should be able to accommodate nearly a million additional residents. But rather than living in the enormous Mojave Desert, most people reside in places nearer to Los Angeles and Orange County.

The county and city of San Bernardino will have many more cars due to that kind of expansion in a minimal area. This implies a significant increase in traffic accidents in this region of the Inland Empire.

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Please continue reading to learn more about San Bernardino County auto accidents, your legal rights, and how The Dominguez Firm’s personal injury attorneys may assist you.SAN BERNARDINO CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER

Statistics on auto accidents in San Bernardino

The California Office of Traffic Safety reports that 15,104 persons in San Bernardino County suffered injuries or lost their lives in auto accidents in 2017. One thousand four hundred twenty-nine persons in San Bernardino were killed or seriously injured in car crashes.

In nearby Fontana, which is on the verge of surpassing San Bernardino as the county’s largest city, 756 individuals lost their lives or suffered injuries in automobile crashes.SAN BERNARDINO CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER

The county was in the top 10 for car accidents caused by underage drinking, with 80 individuals injured or killed, despite ranking near the bottom for incidents involving pedestrians or bicyclists.

causes of San Bernardino auto accidents

As was previously said, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, more cars are now on the county’s roads due to the population expansion that San Bernardino County has seen over the past few decades. Many of these households now own multiple cars. SAN BERNARDINO CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER

Furthermore, more than 80% of San Bernardino residents drove alone daily to work in 2018, the final year for which data were available.SAN BERNARDINO CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER

Another noteworthy development was the creation of numerous enormous warehouses and distribution centers in San Bernardino County. This explains the significant rise in truck traffic observed along Interstates 10, 15, and 40 and in urban areas like Fontana and San Bernardino.

Another factor contributing to a large number of catastrophic and fatal auto accidents in San Bernardino County is illegal street racing. SAN BERNARDINO CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER

These past several years have seen a rise in the deadly kind of irresponsible driving in San Bernardino and other regions of Southern California, to the extent that the CHP is making concerted efforts to halt it.

And lastly, from 2010 to 2012, San Bernardino had the unfortunate distinction of being the country’s top location for drunk driving collisions. During that time, there were 94 car accidents for every 1,000 residents.SAN BERNARDINO CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER

Car accident injuries and damages in San Bernardino

Even minor injuries sustained in a car accident in San Bernardino can develop into serious ones later on. Not only can some injuries be life-altering, but they can also be earnest. These may consist of:

Brain damage from trauma (TBI)

spinal cord injuries, such as temporary or permanent partial or complete paralysis

Internal wounds, such as lacerated, injured, or bruised organs

Crush wounds

scars, dental injuries, eye injuries, and facial damage

Untimely death

People who perish in auto accidents or sustain lifelong injuries have a right to damages or, more accurately, recompense for their losses. However, occasionally, even seemingly minor injuries can result in high medical costs and psychological distress for the victim.

Worse still, these wounds have the potential to ruin their life completely. Some instances are:

shattered bones

Ligaments torn

Damage to the nerves and whiplash

Deranged joints or dislocated joints

Roughs and wounds

Strain or sprain of the muscles

While the majority of people happily recover from the injuries mentioned above, some do not and end up with additional health issues. Two of the reasons for this are age and underlying medical issues. For instance, while a shattered hip is undoubtedly not trivial, most individuals recover fully within a few months.SAN BERNARDINO CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER

The same fractured hip in an adult over six can result in life-threatening complications or even death.

Managing the insurance provider

Avoid dealing with the insurance provider. Allow The Dominguez Firm’s San Bernardino auto accident attorneys to handle matters on your behalf.SAN BERNARDINO CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER

Following an automobile accident in San Bernardino, you might be unable to communicate with an insurance company adjuster because of your discomfort or lack of clarity. Despite what they may tell you, you are not legally required to speak with them or provide them with a recorded statement. You can lose a lot of money if you deal with them directly.

This is because insurance firms do not exist to assist you. Their adjusters are skilled at fast settling your claim and making lowball offers. They’ll even try to deny it outright if they can get you to say anything that doubts your assertion.


Instead, let our legal practice handle all insurance company negotiations while you focus on recovering. We are aware of their strategies and how to oppose them effectively. In addition, as your client, we will know how much your case is worth in light of your losses and injuries.

What kind of compensation might I be eligible for after my vehicle accident in San Bernardino?

You may be entitled to damages for your losses if another person’s carelessness or recklessness caused you to suffer severe injuries in a San Bernardino auto accident. This kind of payment is referred to as damages in personal injury lawsuits. These harms may consist of:

Health care costs – You are qualified to get reimbursement for all of your injury-related medical expenses, such as:

hospital expenses

Ambulance expenses

Physical medicine

conversations with experts

Home health care services

Psychological therapy

lost pay. If your injuries prevent you from working, you can be reimbursed for all missed wages. In addition, you would be entitled to a refund for any future wages lost if your injuries prevent you from returning to work.

Property impairment This usually includes auto repair or replacement.

Anguish and distress:┬áThis type of damage, which comes under non-economic damages in personal injury cases, is meant to make up for the emotional and physical pain that the victim of a car accident has had. Even though it is impossible to calculate, this sum frequently makes up most of a person’s final settlement or verdict. SAN BERNARDINO CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER

Based on prior, comparable instances they have handled, a knowledgeable San Bernardino auto accident attorney can estimate the amount the accident victim should be entitled to.

Punitive damages are hardly frequently awarded. However, punitive damages could affect the settlement or verdict if the defendant’s actions were especially heinous or deliberate. This is more of an attempt to penalize the criminal and deter future instances of the same activity than it is to assist the accident victim.

Your choices: If a vehicle accident in San Bernardino claimed the life of a loved one,

You have the right to bring a wrongful death case if you are the next of kin to a family member who died in a San Bernardino auto accident. Even though a loved one’s unexpected death will never be forgotten, the family’s financial obligations may be significantly reduced by holding those accountable.

Specific damages are common in personal injury and wrongful death claims, but each case is unique.

ambulance costs

costs for medical care directly associated with the wounds and death that followed

Lost earnings during their hospital stay and anticipated lifetime earnings for the deceased

funeral costs

burial expenses

Additional potential harms:

loss of the deceased’s income

Loss of consortium, or companionship, encompassing sexual interactions as well as love, community, affection, and moral support

Instruction and direction, or additional psychological damages associated with the loss of a family member

A wrongful death claim differs from a vehicle accident claim in that family members are typically not entitled to compensation for their suffering. However, A loved one has the entitlement to some damages, such as loss of consortium, which are not accessible in an automobile accident suit.

Please call The Dominguez Firm’s wrongful death case specialists and personal injury attorneys at 877-265-2167 for a free consultation if you have concerns or need more information about wrongful death claims.SAN BERNARDINO CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER

Advice on selecting the best San Bernardino auto accident attorney

You want the top personal injury attorneys in San Bernardino to take on your case if you or a loved one suffered injuries in an automobile accident. However, how can you determine which accident lawyer from a law firm is best for you? SAN BERNARDINO CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER

The following are essential inquiries to make of any San Bernardino auto accident attorney:

What is the length of time you have been managing automobile accident cases in San Bernardino?

Do you take on cases yourself or refer them to other legal firms?

In general, how long will my case take based on your experience?

Can a trial be held in my case?

Do I need to give you payment in advance? How are you compensated?

What information is necessary from me to present the most robust potential case?

Could you take note of their responses? Beyond that, observe how you and the other individual communicate. Are they attempting to hang up quickly, or are they giving you careful answers to your questions? Keep in mind that it is you who is employing the accident lawyer, not the other way around. Initial impressions do count.SAN BERNARDINO CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER

What happens if I’m unable to pay a personal injury attorney?

The Dominguez Firm accepts payments only when necessary. In other words, we only get paid if we win you a case or receive a settlement. There are no hidden expenses or up-front fees to be concerned about.

The client representation agreement you sign will explicitly specify the portion of your ultimate settlement or verdict that we will get. That proportion is fixed and won’t alter in the future. You owe us nothing if we cannot secure a settlement or verdict on your behalf. Put differently, you either win, or you don’t pay.

How You Can Benefit From The Dominguez Firm

San Bernardino is home to a large number of attorneys. However, not all are associated with a dominant, prosperous legal practice. The Dominguez Firm’s personal injury lawyers have effectively assisted San Bernardino County drivers in auto accidents in obtaining justice and the total compensation to which they have been legally entitled for their injuries for more than 30 years.

Over $1 billion* has been recovered for our Inland Empire and Los Angeles customers.

Award-winning trial lawyers practice personal injury law at The Dominguez Firm, a full-service legal practice. Additionally, the business has received praise for its exceptional customer service. We don’t send complicated issues to other legal methods or act as a reference service.

We have the tools, know-how, and expertise to confront the insurance companies and their attorneys head-on. For a free consultation, contact The Dominguez Firm at 877-265-2167 if you were hurt in a San Bernardino auto accident. Recall that you either win or you don’t pay!