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Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys

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Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

If you are seriously hurt, you might be entitled to a substantial cash recovery. Errors, however, may compromise your claim for compensation. You have the right to legal representation at every level of your car accident claim so that you may take the necessary actions to safeguard your legal rights.

You dooptionalandle the insurance companies on your own, and in the event that you accept a lowball settlement, you are entitled to a trial.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Since 1959, Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys has defended Philadelphia residents injured in auto accidents. With decades of experience, we have a track record of success against insurance companies and know what it takes to win a vehicle accident case.

When you select our firm’s Philadelphia car accident lawyer, your case begins with a convenient, no-obligation consultation. We only collect fees or costs if we successfully assist you in receiving the just compensation.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

So that you can concentrate on putting your life back on track, your attorney will manage the legal process and negotiate directly with the insurance providers on your behalf.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Is Hiring a Car Accident Attorney Necessary?

Philadelphia attorneys for auto accidents

To put it briefly, yeah. If someone else was at fault, you have the legal right to pursue total compensation for all of your losses—both monetary and non-monetary.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Without a Philadelphia car accident attorney on your side, you run a severe financial risk. People who hire legal counsel usually get paid three times as much as those who try to settle their disputes on their own.

It’s possible you don’t need a car accident attorney, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a call for a free consultation. A knowledgeable Philadelphia auto accident lawyer will examine the details of your case and offer guidance on your next steps.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Your case begins with a free consultation when you select Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys as your Philadelphia automobile accident attorney. We only collect fees or costs if we successfully assist you in receiving the just compensation. Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

We will hear your tale at your initial session and provide you with appropriate legal advice regarding your next course of action.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Your attorney at our Philadelphia automobile accident business will keep you updated at every stage once you retain their services. We will take care of the insurance companies and the legal proceedings so you can concentrate on starting your life over.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

We will examine the accident scene, consult with witnesses, and compile all the data required to support your claim using our team of medical specialists, accident reconstructionists, and detectives.

Following the collection of all relevant evidence, our attorney will represent you in negotiations with the insurance provider. After an accident, we will stop once you get the money you are due.

Following an automobile accident, follow these tips from Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers.

In her office, Caroline Munley discusses a vehicle accident case with a paralegal. According to recent data from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Philadelphia, she accounted for 7.5% of all recorded car accidents in Pennsylvania.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

The likelihood of being involved in an automobile accident at least once in your lifetime is high, regardless of how cautious you are when driving. Following a car accident, it can be very perplexing whether you or your passengers are hurt.

You may need help with what to do next. However, you can safeguard your claim in the future if you remember this list.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Staying composed is advised by Philadelphia vehicle accident attorneys

Although this can seem like simple sense, an accident could throw you for a loop. You’ll experience confusion, fear, and disorientation. There could be severe repercussions for your safety if you are hurt in a car accident, and you are unaware that you were hurt.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Take a minute to collect yourself, take a deep breath, and evaluate the situation before acting. Have you been hurt? Is your traveler okay? Are you in danger right now?

After the vehicle accident, you can move forward with more clarity if you take a moment to gather your thoughts.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

According to our Philadelphia attorneys, you should get to safety and away from any debris of vehicles.

As soon as your mind clears, attempt to reach safety. Try to take your car to the shoulder and remain there until help arrives if it is still functional after the collision. Try to exit the car and drive to safety if your vehicle is immobile. Once you’re secure, make an effort to assist those who might still be in danger.

When it’s safe to do so, avoid the road and the cars to prevent another collision or potential explosion. To notify other drivers of the collision, place flares or other warning signals if you are able.

If someone tries to leave the scene or poses a threat to your safety, stay away from them. Try to record anything that can aid in their identification later on, like the color and make of the car involved in the collision or the license plate number.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Make contact with emergency personnel and provide them with the location of your car accident in Philadelphia.

Make quick contact with emergency services once you and the other parties are safe. According to Pennsylvania law, every driver who has an accident must notify the police.

Even if no one appears hurt after a car accident, it’s always a good idea to get emergency medical attention.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Recall to hold onto the operator’s number until assistance arrives. Nine hundred eleven calls are recorded, so not only will they provide emergency officials with the most recent information about the status of the vehicle accident, but they may also be utilized in your claim down the road to help establish what happened during the collision.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Begin gathering data regarding the vehicle crash. You’ll need it for your Philadelphia auto accident attorney.

An automobile accident occurred in Philadelphia. While you wait for the police to show up there, you might begin gathering any information that can be useful for your claim in the future. Make an effort to gather the following data:Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Details on the other driver, passengers, and witnesses involved in the collision.

Images and video from the crash site showing the damage to your car as well as the other driver’s vehicle.

Make a note of any security cameras you come across. This evidence could be helpful in the future.

Additionally, pictures of your wounds may be helpful if you’re hurt.

Recall not to interfere in any manner with the scene while gathering information. Without their permission, never take a picture or record an injured person. Additionally, avoid interfering with emergency responders while they are performing their duties.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Recall that memories pass away rapidly, so make every effort to gather as much information as you can.

Speak with the Police About Your Automobile Accident

All parties involved in the vehicle accident, including any bystanders who may have witnessed the collision, will be questioned by the police when they arrive.

Give a precise account of the events leading up to, during, and following the accident. Always tell the truth, but don’t point the finger at the other motorist or yourself.

Once the police collect all the information, they will assess if any laws were violated and issue citations to the drivers who breached the law. They may provide sobriety tests to drivers they suspect are intoxicated if required.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

All of the information on the accident will be summarized in a report that may be needed as proof in the future.

Look for Medical Care

Following an automobile collision, it’s vital to have medical personnel evaluate you even if you believe you are not hurt. Automobile accident injuries can occasionally go undetected for days.

Thus, remember to see your doctor for a follow-up examination if you decline medical attention at the scene.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Look for Yourself. Dealing With An Auto Accident Can Be Difficult

It’s crucial to take care of yourself and gather your information before contacting the insurance company in the days after an automobile accident. After the accident, keep track of any medical expenses, repair costs, lost property, or other monetary losses you may have had.

Get in touch with a Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney Right Away

Your chances of recovering from the accident and receiving the total amount of compensation you are entitled to increase the sooner you get in touch with Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys.

What Is the Typical Philadelphia Car Accident Settlement for an Injury?

One of the most often queries our lawyers field is, “What is the value of my automobile accident claim? It depends on the response.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Particularly in Philadelphia, each auto accident is unique. Whether it’s a straightforward fender bender on Broad Street or a ten-car pileup on the Schuylkill, a number of factors influence how much your case is worth. The following circumstances will determine your right to receive a certain amount of damages:

The extent of the injuries you or a family member have sustained.

If any person had perished as a direct consequence of the incident

The person’s age and state of health at the time of the incident

Who was at fault, and what caused the accident?

The challenge of establishing your case

Accessible insurance protection

Our goal at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys is to obtain the best settlement possible for your injury. In addition to your current circumstances and medical bills, our automobile accident attorney will also take into account any potential future costs resulting from your collision.

What Kind of Money Could a Philadelphia Automobile Accident Lawyer Get for Me?

At her workstation, attorney Marion Munley is working on a vehicle accident case. To respond to this question, you need to know how much your claim is worth. You can determine how much you should be offered in a settlement by knowing how much the auto accident cost you.

After reviewing all the expenses, our lawyers will have a meeting with you and provide you with a reasonable settlement offer estimate. Several variables are included in these computations, such as:

Hospital bills, doctor appointments, physical therapy costs, prescription drugs, etc., are all considered medical expenses.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

home health care services, including nursing

Costs of rehabilitation

Property damage, such as repairs for your car,

loss of earnings and the possibility of future earnings

Permanent impairment, deformity, or wounds

Emotional suffering, including depression, stress, anxiety, and so forth.

When determining the value of your auto accident claim, your auto insurance provider will use the same calculations. The insurance adjuster will multiply the total cost by a predefined factor after it has been calculated. Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Regretfully, these figures seldom, if ever, yield an equitable settlement amount. The claims adjuster is diminishing your claim’s value by reducing your damages.

For these reasons, it is essential that you consult with a Philadelphia automobile accident lawyer with experience; together, we can assess the total value of your claim. Without your permission, we won’t accept an offer on your behalf.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Your Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer is Ready for Trial if a Settlement Cannot Be Reached.

Frequently, a lawsuit is optional. However, we will file a lawsuit and represent your best interests in court if a settlement cannot be reached and negotiations end. With the evidence we gathered, we can make a compelling case for ourselves in court. In the event that the court rules in your favor, you will be compensated by the parties responsible for the car accident.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

For damages, there are two broad categories:

Economic Damages: These damages are intended to cover any expenses incurred by the victim and their family as a result of the accident. These losses cover future costs, lost wages, property damage, and medical expenditures.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Non-Economic harms: It is more difficult to assign a monetary value to these harms. The most prevalent is pain and suffering, which is a legal phrase that includes any injuries you might have sustained after the collision. This covers emotional and mental harm in addition to bodily suffering.

The court may grant victims punitive damages in certain uncommon circumstances. These damages are intended to hold the other parties responsible for the disaster accountable and deter them from acting carelessly in the future. Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Punitive damages are only granted in Pennsylvania, where the other party’s conduct is severe or deliberate.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

How Can You Support Your Car Accident Claim in Philadelphia?

Glass fragments scattered near the site of a recent car crash.

The last thing you would imagine you have to worry about after getting hurt in an auto accident is establishing your innocence. It’s easier said than done, though. It does not follow that you are the victim just because you are hurt. Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Recall that you could be held accountable for the collision by the other motorist and the insurance company. Thus, evidence will be required to bolster your Philadelphia auto accident claim.

In order to establish liability in an automobile accident, you must provide the following evidence:

It was each driver’s responsibility to drive with due caution.

The other motorist should have paid more attention to their responsibility and drove carefully.

This carelessness resulted in an accident.

And as a result of the driver’s negligence, you suffered injuries.

The insurance company may reject your claim even if there is unmistakable proof of the other party’s negligence (for example, if the motorist blew a red light and collided with your car while texting). It follows that being aware of how important it is to act quickly at an accident scene will support your claim.

Capture Images of the Setting

Take pictures of the entire accident site, not just the parts of your automobile that are damaged. Take pictures of the vehicle or vehicles involved, the location of the vehicles, the state of the road, any markers or signs on the road, the surrounding weather, and anything of value. Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

In case you get too many injuries in the collision, request that a passenger in your car or an onlooker snap pictures.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Obtain the Police File.

In addition to calling the police as soon as the accident happens, you’ll also need to get in touch with them to get a copy of the police report. All of the details regarding the accident’s cause, your testimony, and the other driver’s testimony are included in this report. Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

It will also include the police officer’s assessment of who was at fault and whether any parties had received traffic fines as a result of the collision.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Keep a Spending Log in Your Journal

Make sure you have a record of the costs associated with the car accident. This covers days off from work, hospital expenditures, and repair expenses. You should keep a notebook where you record your appointments and treatments received.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys
Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys

Get in touch with a Philadelphia car accident lawyer as soon as you can.

Your chances of successfully proving your claim increase the sooner you get in touch with a Philadelphia car accident attorney who has experience and knowledge of car accident cases. Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys’ auto accident attorneys are available around the clock to begin your claim.

Which Negligent Behaviors Can Lead to Automobile Accidents?

A couple fighting over what to do after being involved in an automobile accident in Philadelphia. According to Pennsylvania law, every driver has a duty of care to drive carefully and in accordance with the “rules of the road.” A driver is deemed negligent if they violates these regulations and cause an accident.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

For instance, there may be fatal repercussions if traffic signals at a busy crossroads are ignored. However, a recent analysis of intersection vehicle collisions in Philadelphia discovered that the following five intersections presented a high risk of fatalities:

Between South 49th Street and Grays Avenue:

Cottman Avenue and East Roosevelt Boulevard

Arrott Street and Penn Street

Linking Lindbergh Boulevard and Island Avenue

Vine Street and North Broad Street

What, then, does the law perceive to be careless behavior? Here are a few typical instances:

Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that every day, about 28 Americans lose their lives in drunk driving incidents. Driving while intoxicated not only violates the law, but it can also cause mental confusion, slow down reaction times, and interfere with vision.

Any one of these impairments, if present, will significantly degrade your driving skills and increase your risk of getting into an automobile accident.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Vehicle Collisions Relating to Distracted Driving

Three thousand one hundred forty-two people lost their lives as a result of distracted driving in 2019. Driving a football field’s worth of distance with your eyes closed is equivalent to taking five seconds off the road while maintaining a minimum speed of 55 mph. Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Distracted driving is defined as any activity that diverts your attention from the road, including texting, eating, talking on the phone, applying makeup, and adjusting the radio.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Forceful Driving

Even though you might not know it, speeding endangers the lives of all other drivers. More than 9,378 people lost their lives in auto accidents in 2018, in which speeding was a contributing factor. That year, it was a factor in 26% of traffic deaths.

Aggressive driving also includes failing to yield, tailgating, checking the brakes, and weaving in and out of dense traffic.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Car Accidents Caused by Tired Driving

In addition to being risky, driving while intoxicated can be prevented. 2019 saw 619 fatalities linked to sleep-related driving incidents. Truck drivers are equally as guilty of driving while intoxicated as drivers of automobiles.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Automobile Hit-and-Run Accidents

Even though it’s against the law to flee an accident scene, it happens frequently. Bicycle and pedestrian accidents account for the majority of hit-and-run incidents.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Inclement Weather Mishaps

People who reside in the Philadelphia area are aware of how quickly the weather may change. We can have sunny, warm weather in one minute and freezing, slick conditions in the next. Driving in inclement weather requires extra vigilance. Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

On the Schuylkill Expressway and other major routes, multi-vehicle pileups can result from sudden storms, white-out conditions, and slippery roads. Drivers may be held liable for any accidents that cause injuries if they neglect to reduce their speed and use caution when driving in inclement weather.

What If My Car Crash Was Caused by Something Else?

A car accident that can necessitate the assistance of a Philadelphia car accident attorney Occasionally, other factors may contribute to a car collision besides driver carelessness. Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Pennsylvania law states that even in cases where carelessness was not a contributing factor in an automobile accident, a person may still be found “strictly liable” for injuries they cause.

A restaurant or bar is one example. A company that sells alcohol is accountable for the conduct of a customer who was given too much alcohol under Pennsylvania’s Dram shop rules. The injured party may be entitled to sue the bar for its involvement in the accident if the drunk driver causes an accident on the way home.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Another illustration would be a car issue that results in an accident. In the event of an automobile accident, the manufacturer may be held accountable if they knew about the issue beforehand and chose not to notify customers.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

It is better to get additional information about strict liability legislation by speaking with one of our knowledgeable Philadelphia personal injury attorneys.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

How Can I File a Dispute with My Auto Insurance?

In the event that you get injuries in a car accident that is the result of another driver’s negligence, you will file a claim with the insurance of the negligent driver to cover your damages. It is essential to keep in mind that the insurance company’s primary goal is to generate revenue.

Be ready to encounter opposition when attempting to get your auto accident insurance claim settled.

The following are some strategies the insurance adjuster might employ:

Proposing a Speedy Settlement in Return for a Release of Liability

The adjuster will be aware of the extent to which an injured person is now trying to make ends meet. In an attempt to take advantage of the victim’s vulnerable emotional condition, an adjuster will make a quick settlement offer. Typically, Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

this settlement will include a waiver stating that you forfeit the right to future compensation. This implies that you will not be eligible to get additional compensation even if your injuries worsen or grow more complex in the future.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Even though it could seem alluring to receive this quick money, you should only sign something after first having your Philadelphia car accident lawyer review it.

Refuse the offer and request that the adjuster contact your accident lawyer instead. Despite the fact that the offer could seem substantial, it won’t be enough to compensate for all of your losses, and the crash will still cause you pain. Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

A skilled Philadelphia automobile accident lawyer is able to determine the entire amount of your damages and will battle to get you the highest possible settlement.

Doubting the Intensity of Your Damage

The insurance adjuster may also attempt to cast doubt on the injuries you sustained in the aftermath of the collision. Consider the scenario when you require knee replacement surgery due to an accident.

The adjuster can then assert that you would have eventually had the operation regardless of the accident since you have arthritis in your knees. The insurance company can avoid paying for your claim if it demonstrates that your injury was the result of something else.

For these reasons, it’s critical to get medical attention after a car collision. Later on, a medical expert could be called upon to demonstrate that your injuries were caused only by the accident and not by an earlier injury.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

Determining Whose Fault It Is in the Serious Auto Accident

As previously stated, should a victim be found to be at fault for the accident, the modified comparative negligence rule may severely harm their claim. Knowing this, the insurance provider for the other party will attempt to hold you accountable for the mishap so they won’t have to pay.

Do not give them a chance, please. Speak with a Philadelphia automobile accident lawyer at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys with experience before dealing with the insurance adjuster or the insurance company. Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

We have been fighting Pennsylvanian insurance corporations for more than 60 years. We are prepared to battle for you to get the compensation you are due since we are aware of the strategies they will use to refute your claim.Philadelphia auto Accident Attorneys

How Should I Handle Insurance Companies Following a Vehicle Accident?

John Mulcahey, an automobile accident attorney, at his desk: You are under no need to contact the other party’s insurance carrier after reporting the collision to your own. It is highly advised that you let your lawyer communicate with the other party’s insurance company and refrain from saying anything to them.

It is advisable to consult your lawyer before speaking with an insurance adjuster. To identify any holes in your account that the insurance company might use against you, the adjuster can, nevertheless, attempt to get you on file. They’ll make an effort to have you deliver a recorded message. You have to give none.

Is the Insurance Provider Behaving Unfairly?

After a car accident, the insurance company all too frequently mistreats the victim. This could happen if an insurance adjuster rejects or fails to acknowledge a valid claim. Here are a few instances:

Rejecting a legitimate claim

putting off a payment or inquiry without justification

Paying only a portion of the benefits that are due

A case of bad faith must meet two requirements set forth by Pennsylvania law: first, there must be substantial and persuasive proof that the insurer lacked a legitimate reason to reject benefits, and second, the insurer must have known or ignored that it lacked a legitimate reason to deny a claim.

Sadly, without the assistance of an attorney, it can be not easy to assess if your insurance company is acting dishonestly. Thankfully, Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys has a wealth of knowledge navigating insurance companies from decades of practice.

We are aware of their strategies and what to consider when filing an insurance claim in bad faith. Get in touch with our Philadelphia automobile accident attorneys right away if you think your insurance is handling your claim in bad faith.

Common Questions Answered by Philadelphia Automobile Accident Lawyers

According to my doctor, I might require more surgeries in addition to ongoing treatment. Will a Philadelphia automobile accident attorney assist me in getting the money I need to cover my medical bills?

Our Philadelphia automobile accident attorneys will collaborate with your physician and other reliable medical professionals to get a comprehensive picture of your future medical requirements when they represent you.

We’ll figure out how much money you’ll need for future medical bills, prescription drugs, and other expenses so you can focus on getting well.

Can a lawyer for auto accidents assist me in getting compensation for my suffering?

Possibly, indeed. In addition to causing physical harm, auto accidents can also cause psychological and emotional harm. Victims may pursue damages for non-monetary losses in addition to medical costs and other financial losses. This comprises:

Anguish and pain.

Deformity and scarring

Feelings of distress

Loss of community, friendship, and support system

loss of life’s enjoyment

Our highly qualified Philadelphia automobile accident attorney at Munley Law, Personal Injury Attorneys, will collaborate with specialists to demonstrate your suffering and determine the monetary worth of your damages in order to establish pain and suffering.

Can my vehicle accident lawyer make more than one person accountable for an accident?

Melinda Ghiardi, an automobile accident attorney, at her desk in Pennsylvania. In cases when many parties are deemed to be at fault for an accident, the courts will apply the legal doctrine of “modified contributory negligence” to ascertain the amount that each party is responsible for paying the injured party.

For instance, a motorist traveling toward Chester on the Blue Route runs into another vehicle. The first driver did not see that the traffic ahead was slowing down since they were traveling too quickly.

The second motorist, meantime, was distracted by a friend’s text message and was unaware that the traffic in front of their vehicle had changed. After the collision, the distracted driver filed a lawsuit against the fast motorist.

Each liable person will be given a proportion of fault by the court based on the modified contributory negligence rule used in the preceding scenario. The plaintiff will not be entitled to any damages if it is determined that they are equally or more responsible for their injuries than the defendant.

Let’s say that your occurrence involves a truck, bus, delivery van, or large car—a commercial vehicle. In that instance, a trucking firm or the owner of the vehicle may be among the many parties involved. Commercial vehicle auto accident cases frequently call for a particular kind of Philadelphia injury attorney.

While many Philadelphia auto accident lawyers handle typical auto accidents, a skilled and qualified attorney can handle a collision involving a large truck or commercial vehicle. At Munley Law, Personal Injury Attorneys in Philadelphia, we focus a large percentage of our practice on handling situations involving commercial trucks and oversized transportation.

We’ll act right away to safeguard your rights, gather corporate records and black box data, and preserve evidence.

What Would Happen If I Had Some Part of the Car Accident’s Fault?

We receive inquiries like this from a lot of our clients. Following an automobile accident, it’s normal to question if you could have done something differently. It is crucial, nevertheless, that you do not assume any responsibility for the disaster. Car crashes can occur for a variety of reasons, and even if you were driving at the time of the collision—for example, by speeding—it’s not a given that your actions caused or contributed to the incident.

You still have choices, though, even if the police determine that you shared some of the blame for the collision that resulted in your injuries. Our attorneys can assist you in receiving partial compensation under Pennsylvania law, even if you were partially at fault.

As previously stated, if the sufferer bears less than 51 percent of the guilt for their injuries, they may still be entitled to compensation from the other party under the modified comparative negligence doctrine. Your reward would be modified in this case based on your percentage of the fault.

Therefore, if the defendant agreed to pay you $80,000 in damages and you had 20% of the blame for the accident, your case would be worth $100,000. Although comparative negligence can be challenging to understand, Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys’ skilled Philadelphia automobile accident attorneys can assist you.

Consult for Free with Our Philadelphia Automobile Accident Attorneys

We urge you to get in touch with one of our attorneys if you have any queries concerning your rights following an auto accident. We will gladly assist you in comprehending your circumstances and in making decisions on the defense of your legal rights.

Our Philadelphia automobile accident lawyers will get to work right away to assist you in getting the most significant settlement possible if you decide to work with us. If a trial is required, we will be ready to present your case in court.

Please get in touch with our personal injury law office to schedule your free initial consultation if you would like additional information about how we can help you obtain the most money possible in your case. Please speak with a lawyer at our Philadelphia law offices by giving us a call or contacting us online right now.