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Best Lexington Truck Accident Attorneys,

Residents of Lexington, Kentucky, who are in commercial truck accidents rapidly learn that these incidents are not like collisions involving passenger cars. Truck accidents can result in more severe injuries, and obtaining justice later on can be difficult because several people could have been involved in the collision.

Recovering from severe injuries sustained in a truck collision can take months or even longer in some instances. Insurance companies for the trucking business or other responsible parties will, in the meantime, either pressurise you into accepting an inadequate payout or reject entirely their responsibility to you.

It takes guts to confront the trucking firm and press for compensation when you have suffered significant injuries in an accident involving a truck that was not your fault to aid in your financial recovery.

Trucking firms and insurers can face the fearlessness of working with a commercial truck accident lawyer at Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer. Together, we’ll demonstrate to them the Kentucky Courage that holds people accountable when their carelessness jeopardises the lives of innocent people and reduces our communities’ safety.

Call our Lexington, KY, truck accident attorneys at (877) 809-6889 to discuss your truck accident claim and receive a free legal consultation. Truck accidents in Lexington, Kentucky: Who’s responsible?

Several people could be held accountable for what transpires in a commercial vehicle accident, including the following:

The driver of the 18-wheeler truck

Trucking company that owns the vehicle and trailer and employs the truck driver

Contractors who loaded trucks with goods, if a leak or a change in cargo caused the mishap

If a technical breakdown that could have been prevented caused the accident, the maintenance or repair garage

If a manufacturing or design flaw led to the accident, the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer of the truck or truck parts

The motor carrier that owns the vehicle or trailer or hires the truck driver in a commercial truck accident may be liable for the employee’s carelessness. It is legally incumbent upon truck owners to ensure their trucks are safe to drive on public roadways. The trucking business is a defendant in the majority of truck accident lawsuits.

To successfully pursue a personal injury claim, the aggrieved plaintiff must demonstrate that the defendant’s deliberate or careless actions resulted in the harm and related losses.

To do this, it is necessary to prove the presence of four case elements:

Duty of Care: The accused party was legally required to act safely and reasonably towards the victim. It is legally required for truck owners and drivers to drive as safely as possible on public roadways to prevent endangering others.

Breach of Duty: The defendant violated their duty of care by neglecting to operate prudently and safely. One of the truck accident causes listed above, as well as any infraction of any federal or state laws about the safe operation of commercial trucks, may serve as evidence.

Causation: The plaintiff’s injuries are directly caused by that duty breach.

Damages: By receiving compensation, the plaintiff’s injuries may be improved.

At Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer, an 18-wheeler accident attorney will thoroughly investigate the collision that injured you to determine who was at fault. We shall keep track of the expenses and losses incurred due to the accident concurrently.

After gathering proof for your case, our truck accident attorney may submit several claims to get you the money you deserve.


As part of our legal preparation for your truck accident claim, we will compile a list of all the expenses and damages you have incurred—including projected future losses—resulting from the collision. Based on this computation, we will demand payment from insurance companies that have provided coverage to the truck driver or trucking company.

Estimating how much money you might win in a truck accident claim in advance is impossible. The goal is for you to get reimbursed for all of your out-of-pocket expenses plus extra funds to guarantee the financial security of you and your family in the years to come.

According to Kentucky law, accident victims are entitled to compensation for the suffering inflicted upon them unfairly.

In the event of a truck accident, we would seek compensation for:

medical costs

Costs of future care and treatment

Lost income

Future income loss

Anguish and pain.

loss of life’s enjoyment

Feelings of distress

Injuries to your car

We collaborate with life care planning professionals to estimate future medical care and assistance expenditures in cases of permanent incapacity. This can include anything from hospital beds and wheelchairs to remodelling your house to include wider doors and ramps.

Best Lexington Truck Accident Attorneys,
Best Lexington Truck Accident Attorneys,

Kentucky juries may award punitive damages in exceptional circumstances. This extra sum is intended to penalise offenders for their heinous behaviour and let others know that the public will not tolerate such ludicrous behaviour.

In contrast to many other states, Kentucky does not have a cap on the amount of money that can be given to victims as punitive damages.

It’s critical to realise that before we can assess the potential worth of a claim, we need to fully comprehend the scope of your injuries and your recovery prognosis. For this reason, you should never trust an insurance company’s fast settlement offer. You should be aware of the long-term effects of your injury and the probable expenses.

Insurance companies frequently minimise accident victims’ injuries while ignoring the expense of future care. They might turn down a costly claim, often following a commercial truck collision. Insurance company settlement proposals are predicated on previous case settlements. They are crafted to be both modest enough to safeguard the insurer’s profit margins and large enough to appear reasonable to an injured party.

After a collision, avoiding dealing with insurance adjusters and trucking company attorneys is crucial. Refuse to record a statement, and do not provide your signature. You may have unintentionally waived your claim to the money you are due and might get back with the proper legal representation.


Behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer, truck drivers may exhibit the same negligence or irresponsibility as any other driver on a Kentucky roadway.

The most frequent mistakes made by truck drivers in collisions, according to Kentucky State Police, are:

Distracted or inattentive driving

Using a cell phone

erroneously estimating clearance

mishap involving the vehicle

Ignorance of the right of way

Too close to the action


exceeding the posted speed limit

disregarding stop signs and stoplights as well as other traffic regulations

fatigued driving

incorrect passing

Unsuitable backing

rotating incorrectly

Oversteering or overcorrecting

Usage of drugs or alcohol.

Truck accidents are frequently found primarily caused by issues with the truck, a truck component, or the goods aboard the car.

Typical technical issues, as well as additional elements that cause truck accidents, include:

faulty brakes

tyre malfunction

faulty headlights

Additional lighting issues

guiding malfunction

Tow hitch malfunction

Improper or oversized load

Improper load securing.

Speak With A Lexington, Kentucky Truck Accident Attorney

After suffering injuries in a commercial truck accident, contact a knowledgeable semi-truck accident attorney as soon as possible. The lawyers at Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer in the Lexington, Kentucky, area may look into the collision and create a truck accident lawsuit to get total compensation for your injuries.

Families in Kentucky hurt by the carelessness of others will receive sympathetic and knowledgeable legal assistance from a truck accident lawyer at Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer.

We know the various federal and state regulations governing truck drivers, trucking firms, and the trucking sector and how these laws relate to accident investigations.

Allow our business’s knowledgeable and sympathetic solicitors and staff to assist and guide you as we fight for your right to receive total compensation for your losses. For clients like you, we only get compensated for our legal services if we win a settlement or jury verdict.

Kindly call us at (877) 809-6889 or email us an online message to schedule a free legal consultation regarding how a truck accident lawyer can support your right to seek justice.


“I heartily endorse this legal practice. The main person I interacted with out of the three was Kelly; she was accommodating, kind, and patient. She and I communicated more than everyone else. I also worked with two excellent solicitors, Gerald and Allyson.

My experience was unique; I always needed help contacting them with inquiries concerning my case. They never rushed to end our conversation and were always polite. They put much effort into your behalf and notify you of any status changes. My group was excellent.