What Is Considered a Company Vehicle?

Company Vehicle: As per the California Department of Motor Vehicles According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the term “commercial vehicle” is a vehicle utilized to transport individuals to be hired, compensated, or for profit (such as the vehicle employees use to carry out the duties of their position) or a vehicle primarily used for the transport of property. Trucking company vehicles are the most common varieties of commercial vehicles. However, they’re not the only ones.

18-wheeler in a commercial vehicle crash

The following types of vehicles can be classified for commercial use:

Multi-purpose vehicles

Vehicles for passengers that transport persons to and from

Pickup trucks that have an R.V.R.V.

Station wagons


Motor trucks

Company Vehicle Policy: Commercial car operators, along with their employers, are required to adhere to higher standards than all other vehicle owners. Suppose you’ve been in a truck collision involving a commercial vehicle. In such a situation, it is crucial to get the help of a seasoned Los Angeles commercial vehicle accident attorney who can determine the person responsible for the damages and pursue settlement on your behalf.

You Can Also See Hire a Car Accident Lawyer.

How Are Commercial Accidents Different Than Other Accidents?

A commercial truck collision could cause severe injuries because of the trucks’ dimensions and load. The result is that those who suffer injuries from accidents involving large commercial trucks and rigs are more likely to suffer the most devastating injuries. This means the treatment for the damages and medical costs are often substantial.

Following any accident, the victim will likely require medical attention immediately. The victims of commercial truck accidents could also require ambulances or transport by helicopter or ambulance.

It’s usually the first step in the long process of recovery. Later on, recovery may include follow-up surgeries, doctor visits, physical therapy, and other rehabilitation therapies.

In addition to the high medical expenses, Commercial Vehicle Accidents may also result in significant property destruction. Suppose a vehicle of this size is involved in a collision with another object. In that case, the impact can be substantial, leading to total write-offs for the other vehicles involved in the crash.

You are entitled to the best Los Angeles commercial vehicle accident attorneys for your truck crash case or any other issues involving commercial vehicles. It would help if you had an injury lawyer with experience dealing with large-rig accidents.

Don’t be silent following your crash. Instead, arrange an initial consultation for free with Wilshire Law Firm and get the assistance of a knowledgeable and aggressive attorney for truck accidents.

Why Do You Need a Los Angeles Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney at Wilshire Law Firm?

What is a Commercial Vehicle License: We, the Los Angeles commercial vehicle accident law firm, use California’s top crash investigators to determine whether it is the fault of the commercial vehicle owner or trucking company, the manufacturer (such as an error in the mechanical system), or another.

If you hire one of our Los Angeles commercial vehicle accident lawyers from Wilshire Law Firm, we’ll assist you in obtaining the total amount of compensation for any damages, including:

Earnings loss

Suffering and pain

Medical expenses for the future and present

Property and belongings are damaged.

In many cases, a personal injury lawyer can assist in arranging medical procedure that is otherwise difficult for those who do not have insurance for medical expenses or a doctor who will operate on a lien basis.

The Wilshire Law Firm’s Commercial car accident lawyers have extensive experience providing professional representation that delivers excellent customer outcomes. We are a firm that is focused on the needs of our clients and is prepared to meet every one of your legal and financial requirements.

We will handle your truck crash case, make appointments, and take care of the paperwork so that you and your loved ones can concentrate on recovering. Look at our Wilshire Law Firm’s distinctiveness for yourself, and you’ll see why we are known as being among the most reputable L.A.L.A. attorneys in the area that deals with personal injury.

What Are the Most Common Commercial Vehicle Accident Injuries?

Here are some typical injuries that may result from a collision with a truck or another accident involving a commercial vehicle:


Injury to the spinal cord

Neck injury

Torn ligaments

Torn tendons

Broken bones




Wrongful death

No matter what kind of injury or if someone in your family was injured, we will assist you in obtaining your due settlement.

Common Causes of a Truck Crash

Here are a few of the most frequently cited causes of truck accidents:

The poor maintenance of a trucking business’s brakes, tires, or lights

Overloaded or bulky cargo trucks

Tired truck drivers

Truck driver negligence, causing a car accident/pedestrian accident/motorcycle accident

Rushed delivery schedules

Road rage between truck drivers

Aggressive delivery truck driver

Trucking accidents or tailgating

D.U.I./Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs

Jackknife semi-truck, 18-wheel accident


Mechanical defect

Environmental Concerns of Company Vehicle

Although a truck driver striking pedestrians or bystanders is not as common, severe damage can be caused in these accidents. With a limited view and multiple blind places, accidents do occur.

In this type of truck accident situation, the risk of injury is high and may cause damage to nearly any part of a victim’s body, including the head and legs, as well as knees, arms, neck, and spine.

Wrongful Death Due to a Commercial Vehicle Accident

In the most severe commercial vehicle crashes, life can be lost. In such cases, the victim’s family members may claim compensation in the wrongful death suit if someone is accountable for the crash.

The courts are aware of the cost of losing a life and will claim damages if the responsibility of the party at fault is proved. Alongside the emotional and physical pain caused by this loss, there are also economic damages that result from the death of a commercial or truck vehicle crash.

If the person who died was used as the source of income for a family, it is included in any settlement award. Contact a lawyer for truck accidents by calling Wilshire Law Firm to discuss your case in depth and receive legal assistance for free.

Who Is Held Liable for Company Vehicle Accidents?

As with any other accident, a truck accident could be blamed on many elements. The party responsible is the person or company who could be held accountable for all or a part of the damages suffered by an injured collision victim.

In a commercial car accident situation in which more than one party is liable. An inattention or reckless truck driver could be a reason for an accident, just as the truck manufacturer for mechanical issues. A skilled attorney for truck accidents will accurately assess and determine the responsibility in your case.

A lawyer who handles truck accidents at Wilshire Law Firm can help determine and prove who’s responsible, which includes the people listed below:

Automobile manufacturers



Entities of the government

Other drivers

Compensation After a Commercial Vehicle Accident

The party who is liable is typically held accountable for any damage incurred and is responsible for financial recovery to help restore the victim’s previous standard of living.

In this way, the truck accident victim may seek damages for these losses:

Property destruction

Medical costs

The pain and suffering

Future and present loss of earnings

Future rehabilitation and medical expenses

Low quality of life

Most commercial drivers carry insurance policies with higher limits, which can be converted into more lucrative awards.

Call Our Los Angeles Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm

Company Vehicle insurance: If you or a loved person is injured during a semi-truck crash or another commercial vehicle collision, Let our lawyers in the Wilshire Law Firm fight for you.

A highly experienced and skilled truck accident lawyer will accurately determine the severity of your truck’s commercial collision, discuss your legal rights with you, and frame your personal injury claim to obtain the highest compensation.

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