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Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers

Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers

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Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers,

What Kind of Recompense May I Get for a Truck Accident Lawsuit?

There might be severe damage if a commercial truck and your car crash. Most likely, your car is totaled beyond repair. There’s a chance that your body has endured lifelong injuries, such as neck, back, and head traumas that compromise your spinal cord and range of motion. It’s possible that you lost a loved one, and their exceptional support and company will never be replicated.

Following a truck collision, bringing a lawsuit can provide the following concrete advantages:

Payment for medical expenses, including emergency room visits and continuing care such as physical therapy or prescription drugs

Compensation for lost income, unused sick and vacation days, termination of employment, reduction of earning potential (particularly in cases of burn, brain, or spine injuries), and loss of benefits associated with the job, such as health insurance and retirement contributions

Payment for pain and suffering includes compensation for the psychological suffering brought on by conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as well as for the physical suffering brought on by injuries and unexpected deaths.

The statistics on truck accidents might be unsettling. The majority of people killed in these collisions are passengers and non-truck drivers. You might be able to file a wrongful death claim in court with Fried Goldberg representing you if a truck accident claimed someone you loved.

How Should a Truck Accident Be Handled?

You need to realize that the actions you take following a truck collision serve to safeguard both your legal rights and your safety. Even though the moments after an accident can be stressful, you should try your best to complete the following actions:

Seek medical help immediately: If you are hurt on the scene and unable to care for yourself, ensure any injuries or medical conditions are appropriately treated. At the same time, you wait for first responders to come.

You should still go to the hospital for treatment even if you don’t feel hurt since some injuries, like traumatic brain injury (TBI), may not show symptoms right away. In the long term, not seeking medical attention may impact your capacity to recover damages. 

Speak with local authorities right away: You should give the rules a call at 911 as soon as possible following a truck accident. In this manner, statements can be recorded, a police complaint can be submitted, and the police can start the initial stages of their investigation. The police report can offer essential details regarding the collision when a lawsuit is filed.

Speak with a lawyer: You should immediately speak with a truck accident attorney. To avoid communicating directly with the other side, an attorney can assist you in dealing with insurance agents and serve as your go-between.

An attorney can assist you with legal obligations or forms when contacting them.

Collect crucial evidence: While you’re still at the site, try to gather any pertinent and critical evidence. This can include pictures of any damage, skid marks, and comments on specifics like the incident’s timing and the state of the road. Don’t worry if you’re hurt and unable to acquire the necessary evidence; an attorney will take care of it and get it ready for trial.

Never discuss liability or fault: Be careful not to acknowledge responsibility in conversations with an insurance representative or the other party. It could be necessary for you to share contact details, but keep in mind that any admissions you make about who is at fault or liable could be used against you in future court cases.

After a truck collision, recovering from injuries can take several days or weeks, making it a distressing process. As soon as you can, you should speak with a semi-truck accident lawyer to learn more about your legal options if you were hurt personally in a transportation accident.

A lawyer can obtain the proof required to compile a truck accident case on your behalf. Insurance companies frequently prefer to resolve a claim as soon as possible, often preventing the entire cost of the injuries experienced from being covered.

To create a compelling case on your behalf, our truck accident attorneys will compile all the relevant data, including accident reports, driver’s logs, truck maintenance records, and accident-related expenses.

We are going to fight to get you the most money possible.

What Factors Lead to Truck Accidents?

A variety of circumstances can cause a trucking accident. An automobile collision involving a commercial truck is unlike one involving two passenger automobiles. A commercial truck’s weight and size significantly influence the potential severity of injuries and property damage from this collision.

When operating a truck, drivers are required to follow several federal safety standards. Accidents occur when these are not followed. Trucking accident incidents frequently happen as a result of:

driving while worn out

Careless driving, particularly in inclement weather

defective machinery

cargo that are not securely fastened or that are heavier than a truck can carry

Unsafe traversal

One of the leading causes of commercial truck accidents continues to be tired driving. Stringent rules are in place to guarantee that truck drivers are getting enough good sleep between the lengthy hours spent driving. It is against federal safety laws to improperly report these breaks or rest times, which puts everyone on the road in danger.

What Particular Risks Are Associated with Commercial Trucks?

Operating a commercial truck instead of a conventional car can present different risks. For instance, a truck needs more time than a car to slow down or stop altogether. This implies that swerving in and out of traffic or cutting in front of a vehicle can quickly result in an accident.

A commercial truck should keep the appropriate space between other cars to avoid this.

Every trucking company is responsible for ensuring that its drivers receive the necessary training and maintaining up-to-date records on vehicle maintenance, modifications to safety regulations, and any other information about road safety. In an accident, damages may be awarded against the driver and the vehicle manufacturer.

We handle claims involving RVs and tractor-trailers in addition to instances involving commercial trucks in operation. These exceptional circumstances can be avoided by taking the appropriate safety precautions. Rollovers, defective machinery, or careless driving frequently cause these kinds of accidents.

What Distinguishes Truck Accidents from Auto Accidents?

Significant commercial truck accidents differ significantly from those involving two-passenger cars in many ways. Because of these variations, working with attorneys specializing in truck accidents rather than just regular auto accidents is critical.

There are several critical distinctions between truck and automobile accidents, including:

Size variations: Commercial semi-trucks are enormous vehicles weighing up to 80,000 pounds, or twenty times the weight of a typical car. This implies that compared to a truck, there will typically be far more damage to an automobile and injuries to the driver.

Injury severity: Compared to a regular car accident, truck crashes usually result in much more severe injuries. Although whiplash can occur in any circumstance, it can be particularly crippling and result in more powerful, lifelong injuries in truck accidents.

Property damage: As previously indicated, a big rig truck’s overall dimensions and weight are far more significant than a standard automobile’s. This implies that the surrounding things will sustain more significant harm and deterioration. For example, it’s common for a semi-truck to smash through a median, damaging several cars in the lanes across from it.

Increased risk of deaths: Compared to collisions involving two small automobiles, commercial truck accidents are far more likely to result in fatalities. Between 4,000 and 5,000 truck accident fatalities are reported annually to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These cases may entail other legal components that call for the advice of a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer.

More significant medical costs: Patients involved in semi-truck accidents usually stay in the hospital longer. They might not be able to work for long periods, and many could need more therapy and treatment. At Fried Goldberg, we put a lot of effort into ensuring that our clients get the money they are due to make up for these losses.

Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers
Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers

Commercial insurance: Commercial insurance adjusters who work closely with trucking companies aim to guarantee a small payout. For example, they can present you with reasonable compensation, but your case is worth more. Securing the services of a reliable attorney for semi-truck accidents will help you safeguard your legal entitlements.

Complexity of the accidents: Because of the nature of trucks, trucking accidents are frequently more complicated. For example, their trailers often exhibit particular behaviors, and jackknife incidents are frequent. Chemicals that can leak or hazardous cargo are other possible loads for semi-trucks.

Trucking accidents used to be sued like that of regular passenger car accidents. However, trucking accident litigation now considers the unique subtleties involved in such accidents, thanks to the innovative work of Joe Fried and other Fried Goldberg attorneys.

In the event of a truck accident, who bears liability?

Truck accident injuries may result in multiple parties being held accountable. They are talked about below.

Truck Drivers: Generally speaking, if a truck driver causes an accident, they could be considered legally guilty or directly responsible. This is frequently the case when they have violated traffic laws, including speeding, running red lights, failing to signal, driving under the influence, and other infractions.

Depending on the case’s specifics, several people could be found guilty for the accident. While truck drivers are directly liable for the accidents they cause, the firm they work for, the company to whom the shipment is being carried, or the company that loaded the vehicle may also be held liable.

Transport Businesses:

Trucking businesses: Trucking businesses must guarantee that their trucks are in optimal operating order and have undergone appropriate inspection and maintenance. The trucking firm and the driver are accountable for ensuring procedures are followed, and log books are updated appropriately.

Owner-Operators: Individuals who operate under independent contracts and possess commercial vehicles are known as owner-operators. Even if individuals might collaborate or work for bigger businesses, they risk being held accountable if they neglect to follow all safety procedures necessary for operating a vehicle.

Operators of Big Personal Vehicles: To operate such huge vehicles, drivers of personal tractor-trailers or RVs must also demonstrate the necessary level of experience. Because of the size of their car, they must also drive according to the laws of the road, but they also have extra considerations.

Co-Drivers: Occasionally, drivers go in groups. One will operate the vehicle while the other takes a break, then the roles are reversed. If a co-driver is hurt in a trucking accident, they may also be able to sue the driver who was operating the vehicle at the time and the trucking firm.

Cargo Loaders: The responsibility of those who load cargo into semi-trucks is to ensure the load is secure and the right weight. The people who pack the goods may be held accountable if harm results from their negligent loading practices. Hazardous cargo, such as dangerous chemicals, is also included in this.

Manufacturers of Vehicles: It is legally required for truck manufacturers to supply and manufacture parts and vehicles that are safe to operate. A manufacturer could be responsible for damages if their carelessness causes an accident.

Road Crew: When working alongside highway work crews or road crews, trucks are frequently used. For example, they could often enter and disembark vehicles traveling to and from a building site. The work crew may be held liable for damages if they exhibit any negligence (such as failing to present a “Stop” or “Slow” sign or improperly directing traffic).

These incidents can occur infrequently, but when they do, there’s a chance they’ll impact many vehicles because they could disrupt the whole traffic pattern.

As a result, numerous people may be held accountable for injuries sustained in a truck collision. Sometimes, more than one person might be held responsible, particularly in complicated truck accident claims. Liability sorting is a challenging process that is best left to a transportation lawyer with experience.

What Proof Is Needed to Show Negligence in Trucking?

The claims must be backed up by convincing evidence to establish carelessness in a trucking accident. A truck accident attorney is skilled in obtaining, assembling, and presenting evidence to build the best case for the injured person.

Evidence can take many different forms in a transportation dispute, such as:

Images and recordings from the scene of the collision

Physical evidence, such as shattered automobile parts

The impact left skid marks and collision marks.

Testimonies from onlookers at the location

Medical and police reports

Assessments from medical professionals and accident reconstruction experts

documents and logs from trucking companies

Information from “black boxes” on commercial trucks that store trip data

An experienced lawyer can review the evidence to assess responsibility, establish causation, calculate damages, and perform additional analysis. The result of your lawsuit depends on your choice of lawyer.

How Much Time Does It Take to Get a Semi-Truck Accident Settlement?

There is no universal response to inquiries regarding the potential length of the litigation process when suing a trucking firm. It can take a few years or as little as six months. The success of the company’s discussions, the quantity of evidence about the accident’s cause and fault, and the number of parties involved are among the determining criteria.

We won’t back down if the opposing party persists in taking the case to trial to scare our group of truck accident lawyers and won’t negotiate reasonably. We’ll pursue your case to completion.

Settlements can occur at any point, including during a trial before the ultimate decision is made. The payments that come later are sometimes more significant than the original offer when the opposing side knows that we’ve come prepared to hold them accountable.

Are Trials Held in Semi-Truck Accident Cases?

If a commercial truck accident case goes to trial, your Fried Goldberg attorney can handle the trial preparation so that it doesn’t interfere with your daily activities.

Even while settlement negotiations usually result in shorter trials, the financial awards are frequently substantially larger since a judge or jury has greater authority to impose further damages.

For example, in addition to the compensation that your injuries and losses warrant, you may also be entitled to additional amounts in the form of “punitive damages”—money that could help ensure your family’s financial security.

Which Should I Call First—My Insurance or a Truck Crash Lawyer?

You should consult an attorney before speaking with an insurance company. It is more difficult for insurance agents to take advantage of your circumstances the sooner you have legal counsel.

First and foremost, insurance firms are businesses. Making money is their responsibility. A portion of those revenues are used to pay out on your valid claims. They will look for a way out of the contract, even though they are legally required to provide the coverage you have paid for.

One technique to achieve that is to provide you with a lowball offer, hoping you’ll concede to taking less than what you are legally and rightfully due.

How long may I file a lawsuit after a truck accident?

The time you have following a truck collision to file an injury claim is limited. Known as “statutes of limitations,” these rules vary from state to state. The timeframe in Georgia, where Fried Goldberg is based, is two years from the accident date.

Two years is a reasonably short time for many people who are dealing with injuries that have changed their lives. For this reason, we urge you to contact our truck accident lawyers at (877) 546-0961 as soon as possible.

We will gather the necessary documentation, develop a solid case for settlement, capture pertinent evidence, and meet all deadlines on your behalf. It would be wiser to use your time to heal, spend time with your loved ones, and make the most progress possible.