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Chesapeake Truck Accident Lawyers

Chesapeake Truck Accident Lawyers

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Chesapeake Truck Accident Lawyers

Even more terrifying than the actual vehicle crash are the days that follow. Should you be confronted with mounting medical expenses, damaged property, or disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder, you may choose to explore your options for regaining control over your life.

Thankfully, there are. Call Christina Pendleton & Associates if you have lost anything due to a truck accident. Our firm’s Chesapeake truck accident lawyer can assist you in evaluating your situation and holding a responsible party responsible for your losses.Truck Accident Lawyers

Knowing your financial alternatives following a truck accident in Chesapeake

Your finances are under tremendous pressure as you heal from your truck accident. You might question if there’s a method to offset these costs as you look into coping mechanisms for unexpected losses and injuries.Truck Accident Lawyers

Yes, you have choices. Virginia is a state built on faults. This implies that insurers will assess who was responsible for the situation following an accident. The person deemed to be at blame for the collision must cooperate with their insurance provider to cover the losses incurred by the injured party.

Following a truck accident, you must also file a civil lawsuit. You can file a complaint with our Chesapeake truck accident attorneys if negligence caused part of your losses or an insurance settlement doesn’t seem fair. Any inquiries regarding truck accidents in Virginia can be directed to us.


It would help if you initiated a legal complaint to contest post-accident compensation. This paperwork lets you assess your losses and starts the legal process. If you want to persuade a judge to hear your case, your complaint must be as detailed as possible.Truck Accident Lawyers

Please be aware that only some complaints submitted will result in a trial. Instead, this contract places the onus of requesting payment on you. You can pursue financial support through a problem or, if you choose, engage with an attorney to reach an out-of-court settlement.


Registering a complaint might be challenging if you need to know who should be held responsible for your losses. Several parties could be held accountable for the claimed negligence in a truck accident. For instance, one may be liable for:Truck Accident Lawyers

The truck’s packers exceeded the weight restrictions in the area
The truck’s maker neglected to replace outdated components
The truck’s mechanic failed to notice severe damage
The parent company of the driver overworked them

It’s also possible that the truck driver is at fault. It makes sense to be tired and distracted when operating a long-haul vehicle. However, these circumstances do not absolve a driver of their duty of care. To decide who you want to hold accountable for your losses—either these parties or others—you can consult Chesapeake truck accident attorneys.Truck Accident Lawyers

Chesapeake Truck Accident Lawyers
Chesapeake Truck Accident Lawyers

Recognising the role contributory negligence plays in truck accident cases

However, state statutes might prohibit you from proving comprehensive culpability. Contributory negligence is a Virginia legal doctrine further explained in the Code of Virginia Section 8.01-58.

The party you want to be held accountable for your damages can contend that you shared some blame for the accident, making you accept some of the responsibility. You forfeit all rights to seek compensation if the other party can provide proof of this.

Before submitting a complaint, you can speak with a legal professional about contributory negligence. There might be more avenues for you to pursue compensation, depending on the specifics of your vehicle accident.Truck Accident Lawyers


The window of opportunity within which you can petition for compensation following a truck accident is not indefinite. Instead, Virginia provides harmed parties with a deadline for filing. You have two years from the accident date to file a thorough truck accident complaint with Virginia courts, per Code of Virginia Section 8.01-243.Truck Accident Lawyers

A Chesapeake truck accident attorney can help you meet this deadline. You can take care of your physical rehabilitation while leaving the work of contacting witnesses and determining damages to an attorney.


You’ve proven your guilt and obtained proof to back up your assertion. It’s time to draw attention to your money worries now. Chesapeake truck accident attorneys compute your economic and non-economic losses when determining what kind of compensation you might be eligible for following an accident.

The price of fixing your car, any post-accident medical care, and, if necessary, burial costs are examples of economic losses. Emotional distress and loss of companionship are examples of non-economic losses.

You might collaborate with an attorney to ascertain the post-accident factors you face and the approximate monetary value of your losses. In response, you can ask a judge to provide you with the coverage you are entitled to by presenting your projected compensation.

Taking Care of Your Money Issues Following a Truck Accident

Because they are worried about the cost, many wounded parties choose not to pursue legal action following an accident. This is acknowledged by Christina Pendleton & Associates, which works to remove any obstacles that would prevent someone from receiving the compensation they are due.

In light of this, you can take advantage of ongoing legal assistance without worrying about paying for it. You only pay our personal injury business fees if we prevail in your case. Even in that case, according to our contingency clause, you can use the money you’ve just obtained as compensation to cover any remaining legal costs.


Not only can truck accidents cause you to lose your driving privileges. These incidents can place you and your family in a risky financial situation if you have been hurt or cannot work. But that’s when Christina Pendleton & Associates enters the picture.Truck Accident Lawyers

Our group of knowledgeable Chesapeake truck accident lawyers takes cases contingently. This implies that we won’t charge you a dollar for our services inside and outside of court.

Contact our team if you’re prepared to fight for your due post-accident compensation. To arrange a case consultation right now, call our office or use our online form.