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1 Best Big Rig Accident Lawyer long beach

1 Best Big Rig Accident Lawyer long beach

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1 Best Big Rig Accident Lawyer long beach,

Though incidents involving large commercial vehicles are among the deadliest, any vehicle collision has the potential to produce fatal or catastrophic injuries. Truck drivers operating large rigs or semi-trucks are legally obligated to abide by a strict set of rules for the safety of other users of the highways, streets, and roads.

Regrettably, infractions concerning service hours, driving speed, drug or alcohol use, neglect to maintain and examine the vehicle, and many other crimes are frequent—Dial 000-000-0000 to reach Rodriguez Law Firm.

Are You Hurt In An 18-wheeler Or Truck Accident?

Legal representation from a skilled truck accident attorney is essential since these cases are often tricky and intricate. At the Rodriguez Law Firm, our attorneys have years of experience working with victims of truck accidents to get the compensation they are entitled to and will stop at nothing to get the best result.

truck accident cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning there are no upfront costs until we get a settlement or a positive outcome in court. We also provide a free, no-obligation consultation and case analysis.

In a truck or lorry accident, who is at fault?

The process of figuring out who is legally accountable may be complex. Local law enforcement and federal investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) handle the accident investigation.

A thorough examination of the truck, the accident scene, and the “black box” data will all be included in the analysis. This device records speed, other essential data, and the duration of the driver’s shifts behind the vehicle’s wheel.

Following the conclusion of the investigation, one or more of the following individuals could be held accountable for a truck accident:

The truck operator

The transportation firm

The staff that maintains trucks

The company that loaded the vehicle

Manufacturer of trucks

maker of truck parts

Usually, the truck driver is at fault in truck accidents, but establishing this will take extensive training and experience in personal injury law. Although trucking companies have comprehensive insurance coverage, their defense attorneys use strategies to lower the amount of your claim.

At Rodriguez Law Firm, we know the system that may be used to minimize payment, and we fight back. It would help if you never accepted the first settlement offer.

What Kinds Of Compensations Can You Get For A Truck Accident?

Our team of skilled truck accident attorneys can assist you when fighting situations involving commercial vehicles, including 18-wheelers, garbage trucks, construction and delivery vehicles, and cargo vans. Each embodies a class of automobiles larger than the majority and is usually affiliated with a significant national network or corporation.

And that implies they have a sizable legal team and a sizable fleet of cars. In other instances, some big businesses have set up their delivery teams to shield them from accountability. Nevertheless, we fight for just and complete compensation, taking cases to trial when necessary.

After a truck accident, the amount of compensation that may be awarded depends on what happened and who was responsible. Large commercial vehicles have the potential to inflict numerous injuries or even fatalities, especially when trucking companies fail to implement safety precautions.

We pursue maximum compensation for catastrophic injuries, which include trauma, shattered bones, amputations, burns, scars, paralysis, and injuries to the neck, back, or spine.

These injuries are severe enough to cause either a short-term or long-term handicap, which would cause a range of difficulties, including emotional, financial, and physical problems. Costs associated with long-term care, surgery, medicine, and hospital stays can be very high. We will support you in your efforts to obtain the highest possible settlement.

What Should I Do If I Get Injured In A Commercial Semi-Truck/18-Wheeler Accident?

Necessary actions must be performed immediately in any accident involving a semi-truck or other large vehicle. You or another responsible adult must do some things when offering or receiving personal care for injuries sustained in an accident.

In the event of an 18-wheeler or commercial semi-truck accident, you ought to take the following actions:

Stay at the collision scene.

Dial 911.

Inspect yourself and every passenger for injuries.

1 Best Big Rig Accident Lawyer long beach
1 Best Big Rig Accident Lawyer long beach

Take copious pictures and record the situation on camera to use as proof.

Share your insurance and license information with other drivers; don’t divulge any specifics about your policy.

Don’t comment or offer an apology regarding the collision. Steer clear of unintentionally implicating yourself.

Create a police report at the location.

Speak with an attorney that focuses on truck accidents.

What Are Often The Reasons For Truck Accidents Including Commercial Semitrucks & 18-wheelers?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, lists the most frequent reasons for truck accidents.

The agency’s list of variables includes:

brake issues

Speed too fast for the road or the weather

A motorist using over-the-counter drugs

Unlawful driving practices

fatigued drivers

Underpressed to deliver cargo, the driver


pursuing too closely

Truck with uneven load (jackknife)

negligent driver

Distracted driver

Tyre issues

Using drugs illegally

Impairment of alcohol

motorist not familiar with the region

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Make a call to the truck accident lawyers at Rodriguez Law Firm.

Commercial truck accidents are the ones that most definitely call for the entire experience and skill of a group of committed attorneys. Due to the vehicle’s weight and speed, there is a greater chance of damage, injury, or even death.

The trucking firm has a staff of highly skilled attorneys who handle nearly all of these incidents. After this incident, tensions, doubts, and bewilderment will likely be high. Having a solid team at your side is crucial to ensuring that recouping any potential losses is stress-free, equitable, and just.

That is the main emphasis of our legal practice. At Rodriguez Law Firm, our team of skilled trial lawyers is committed to offering individualized legal advice and defending our clients’ rights tenaciously.

We aggressively seek the most significant compensation based on the circumstances of each case we take on, and we never let up on defending the people we represent. Contact Us At 000-000-0000 For A Free Consultation Right Now.