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1 Best Trucking Accident Lawyer Mike Morse Law Firm,

1 Best Trucking Accident Lawyer Mike Morse Law Firm,

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Best Trucking Accident Lawyer Mike Morse Law Firm,

On the roadway, a prominent commercial truck might be hazardous. One must be an experienced truck driver to drive a commercial vehicle safely. On the other hand, commercial vehicle drivers deal with hectic schedules and long hours in the highly sought-after trucking profession.

The Mike Morse Personal Injury Law Firm’s skilled truck accident attorneys can assist you. Our truck crash firm will make every effort to address all of your concerns during your consultation. If we embark on your case, we will go above and beyond to ensure you receive the total compensation you are entitled to as an accident victim.

You may be well on your way to recovering both physically and psychologically from a severe injury after getting in touch with our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys for a free consultation. Since we take cases on a contingency fee basis, you will only be charged something if your lawsuit or injury claim is resolved.

Call the Mike Morse Law Firm at 855-MIKE-WINS if you or a loved one has been hurt in a semi-truck accident because of a truck driver’s carelessness or reckless behavior in the Detroit region.

The Value of Consulting a Truck Accident Attorney

There are several advantages to selecting our legal practice, including our empathy and commitment to you as our client. Our legal team battles to ensure the safety of Detroit’s highways and the surrounding areas for you and your family.

The attorneys at Mike Morse Law Firm have years of expertise handling tractor-trailer accidents, and we can assist victims of truck accidents in obtaining the total amount of compensation to which they are legally entitled.

Selecting the commercial vehicle accident attorneys at Mike Morse Law Firm will give you the peace of mind of knowing your tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler case is in the proper hands.

For a free consultation if a semi-truck collision resulted in personal injury for you, call our truck accident legal office at 855-MIKE-WINS right now.

The actions we will take to guarantee you the highest cash settlement for your big rig vehicle lawsuit are listed below.

Examine the collision.

We need to know what caused a semi-truck collision when one has happened. After a significant truck accident, our legal team and accident investigators can assist in determining who should be held liable for punitive damages by gathering the following information and looking into the collision and crash scene:

Videos or photos taken at the location of the accident

Testimony of witnesses

data gathered from wrecked cars

Data from the truck’s electronic data recorder (black box)

Telephone logs

Examination of the truck driver’s possible intoxication

police statements


Traffic and criminal histories

Past infractions committed by the trucking company

Speak with professionals about your case.

The semi-truck accident attorney at Mike Morse Law Firm will consult with other highly qualified specialists to determine the cause of the truck accident and the potential extent of your injuries.

Whether your 18-wheeler accident case was caused by negligence, drunk driving, delayed responsiveness or reaction time, a tire blowout, poor maintenance, ignored safety regulations, speeding, a truck manufacturer error, or any other cause, we’ll get to the bottom of it when we take on your big rig accident case.

The following specialists collaborate with our legal team to identify the reasons behind semi-truck collisions:

Experts in safety

Instructor drivers

Engineers and mechanics

Toxicology specialists

experts in truck accidents

Lifecare planners

Guard the evidence.

After an 18-wheeler collision or any vehicle accident involving a commercial driver, it is necessary to get legal assistance to ensure that evidence has not been tampered with.

As soon as the Mike Morse Law Firm takes on your truck accident case, we perform due diligence by sending a “notice letter” to the trucking firm asking for all logbooks and other substantial evidence.

If the trucking business does not comply, our truck accident injury lawyers can then seek court orders to require the company to supply us with the evidence needed to pursue the case and identify any violations of the rules of the road.

Arrive at agreements.

We battle fiercely and will bargain aggressively to obtain the best possible conclusion you deserve when taking on substantial truck companies. We put together a compelling case to present to the insurance company and request a deserving settlement offer for plaintiffs, including medical bills and wage loss due to minor or severe injuries.

Go to trial if needed.

Our trial lawyers are fully prepared to take your truck accident case to court and demonstrate our evidence to the jury if needed. When you file a truck accident lawsuit, we will vigorously defend you and use our expertise in the law and settlement discussions to offer you the best chance of obtaining a favorable court decision.

There are no costs until your case is resolved.

The Mike Morse Law Firm takes on contingency work when you hire us. In other words, until your legal issues are resolved, you, as our client, pay no legal fees or costs. We take remuneration from the settlement of your final tractor-trailer accident.

Accidents can occur at any time and are inevitable. Nonetheless, if a responsible party violated safety regulations and caused your wrongful death or catastrophic injury, selecting an experienced attorney can help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

You can better understand your legal rights and what you are eligible for payment by having the best attorneys on your side. It is crucial to see a prominent truck attorney whenever you are in a severe collision before speaking with insurance providers or adjusters.

You can be confident that you have made the proper decision and are in good hands when a lawyer from the Mike Morse law company handles your truck accident claim. An attorney from our office is equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to represent you in your serious truck accident case vigorously. For a free case evaluation, call our office at 855-MIKE-WINS, our toll-free number.

How to Proceed Following a Truck Accident

You can find yourself in a scenario following a business vehicle collision when you are seriously hurt and have no choice but to wait for medical assistance. But, if you are able, the following actions could benefit your future truck accident case:

Ensure no one else is hurt and that no one needs a rapid response team to provide medical aid.

1 Best Trucking Accident Lawyer Mike Morse Law Firm,
1 Best Trucking Accident Lawyer Mike Morse Law Firm,

If you or any of the other parties need medical attention, call the police and let the dispatcher know.

Give the police an account of the car accident’s impact, including the officer’s name and your case number. You would have to report anything to the police if someone was hurt. A copy of this should be retained, as should any witness statements.

Get the name, insurance information, trucking firm, and witness details of the driver.

Get the driver’s license number, the license plate number, and any other characteristics of the truck and significant rig driver that stand out.

Take photos of the accident scene showing all the cars involved and any other vehicles or property damage. This can apply to the street signs in the area.

Never talk to the driver, the insurance company, or the transportation company about your accident or injuries. Your vehicle injury case may be compromised if you speak to someone who isn’t your accident attorney.

Identifying the at-fault party in a truck collision can be challenging after injuries are sustained. To find out who is at fault, a truck accident attorney in Detroit can consult with specialists like an accident reconstruction specialist.

Additionally, getting medical attention as soon as possible following a collision between a commercial vehicle and a passenger car is critical. You might not be aware of your injuries’ seriousness, even though you may believe they are only minor ones. A typical example of an injury that might not manifest symptoms right away is a traumatic brain injury (TBI), such as a concussion.

It’s crucial to determine whether you’ve had any other physical injuries, such as spinal cord damage or whiplash. Having impeccable medical records throughout your case will facilitate the legal procedure and insurance claims.

Receiving the best medical care as soon as possible also helps prove the cause of your injuries for when you pursue legal action. Refusing to visit medical experts could allow the defendants to claim you were injured elsewhere.

Michigan is one of the 12 no-fault states in the union. Therefore, filing an insurance claim after your vehicle accident could be difficult. To recover medical expenditures incurred due to the accident and any further financial losses, the top law firms will assist you in filing your claim accurately the first time.

an injury claim to be successful, the injured party must file it within the applicable statute of limitations. The deadline in Michigan is three years from the date of the collision.

Get legal assistance from the Mike Morse truck accident attorneys at 855-MIKE-WINS if you’re seeking compensation after suffering injuries in a truck collision. There are no up-front expenses for our clients. Only once your case has been resolved is payment accepted.

Damages That Are Recoverable in Truck Accidents

Following a car accident that causes injuries or even death, you may suffer from physical trauma, financial loss, and mental sorrow. On the other hand, you may be entitled to compensation for a portion of these damages if you select a competent lawyer. In Michigan, damages may be awarded as non-economic and economic damages.

Contact Mike Morse Law Firm today to learn how much money we can earn you. The following are some expected losses that are covered by a settlement for a truck accident:

Medical costs, which may include hospital bills, physical therapy, and rehabilitation

Lost income

Mental distress

Anguish and pain.

household services and care

Reduced income as a result of a handicap or personal injury

loss of life’s enjoyment

Changes in your life, such as those to your house or car


Even if some of these losses are incalculable, there are techniques to determine these damages during a personal injury case discussion precisely. The degree of the injuries received will frequently determine how much compensation is awarded.

In addition to your insurance policy limits and income loss, other variables considered for reimbursement are whether you have lasting injuries or have experienced emotional damage.

Speak with a lawyer at Mike Morse’s law practice right now. We can work together to secure the just compensation you are due.

Detroit’s Suffering and Pain

Certain states do not compensate for pain and suffering in cases involving personal injuries. Compensation for pain and suffering, encompassing physical and emotional losses, is deemed non-economic. These losses may consist of:

Mental distress




The legislation in Michigan permits you to recover particular sums for pain and suffering in your claim for workers’ compensation. In your truck accident injury case, a lawyer at Mike Morse Law Firm can assist you in figuring out what this amount might be.

Individual pain and suffering are immeasurable, which makes them different from economic losses in terms of damages. Top settlements take more work to figure out in these circumstances. Considering various events, there are other ways to compensate you for your injuries.

It is our responsibility as your knowledgeable truck accident lawyers to assist the judge and jury in comprehending the suffering you have gone through as a result of the truck accident and the profound effects it has had on your life and family.

Contact an accident lawyer at Mike Morse Law Firm if a careless truck driver caused a commercial truck accident that affected you or your family. Helping you with any of your inquiries regarding your commercial truck accident lawsuit is our aim as truck accident attorneys. Try to speak with a personal injury lawyer by calling Mike Morse Law Firm at 855-MIKE-WINS, toll-free.

Reasons for Automobile Mishaps

Driving a big truck on the road might be risky. A truck driver needs the necessary experience to be behind the wheel of a vehicle. Handling the car, the cargo, and the weight alone can be risky, especially for inexperienced drivers.

Our truck accident attorneys know that operating a semi-truck requires expertise and that even the most seasoned drivers can be involved in collisions. Sometimes budgets are limited, and cuts are made since owner-operators are responsible for all upkeep and company drivers. But things occasionally go wrong for no apparent reason, and the driver has little control over them.

A few frequent reasons for truck accidents are listed below:

Travel duration: Using the U.S. The amount of time a driver can spend on the road is limited by regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) on hours of service. According to federal safety standards, commercial drivers must only take a break after 14 hours of continuous driving.

Mechanical problems: Jackknifing was the primary mechanical concern with 18-wheeler vehicles before the 1997 anti-lock brake regulation. On the other hand, various additional technical issues may result in truck accidents on the road that inflict grave injuries.

Road conditions: Operating a commercial motor vehicle in inclement weather or hazardous situations, including slippery roads or dimly illuminated areas, can present challenges. This is particularly true if you are driving a big vehicle that has the potential to cause a lot of damage. It takes longer for trucks to halt or change lanes when driving in hazardous weather.

Blind areas: Compared to smaller vehicles like conventional cars, large commercial vehicles have more prominent blind spots. It frequently happens that a car operating a truck would lose sight of another vehicle in its blind areas, which might lead to an accident.

Truck drivers are often on the road for extended periods and are only obliged to take breaks after 14 hours of driving, which can lead to driver fatigue.

Fatigue can result from irregular sleep patterns, poor dietary habits, and extended driving hours. Regardless of whether the truck driver has consumed alcohol or whether other drivers have, drunk driving is still a problem.

Problems with the cargo: Improper, imbalanced, or overweight truck loading can cause leaks, spills, and other hazardous situations for passenger cars.

By taking the extra time to load a truck correctly, one can lessen the number of car accidents that result from incorrect cargo loading.

You are advised to contact the best truck accident attorneys if you have suffered personal harm due to a Detroit truck accident. We can assist you and provide the legal guidance to pursue just compensation when you schedule a free initial consultation with the truck accident attorneys at Mike Morse Law Firm.

You have our truck accident attorneys on your side. Call the truck accident attorneys at 855-MIKE-WINS toll-free right now if an at-fault party has hurt you or a family member or if you have lost a loved one in error.

We are prepared to fight hard for you and your family because we have experience with numerous commercial vehicle accidents as a firm.