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Expert motorcycle riders and bikers know that if other drivers are careless when driving close to these widely exposed travellers, there is no way to completely shield riders from the risk of injury. Motorists who are inattentive, inexperienced, aggressive, intoxicated, or otherwise careless should worry motorcycle riders. AURORA 1 Best MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT LAWYER

The biker will probably sustain the most serious injuries and suffer the largest financial losses if they are struck by a careless, reckless, or enraged driver.

You are undoubtedly not the first motorcyclist in Aurora to have experienced such injustice if you were hurt in a collision that was someone else’s fault. Fortunately, you are not alone in navigating the financial and legal fallout from your circumstances.

The Colorado motorcycle accident lawyers at Lee, Myers & O’Connell, LLP are available to assist you in pursuing just compensation for your injuries. In a no-risk, free consultation, our motorcycle accident attorney is available to talk about your legal rights and options. Please give us a call or contact us online to find out more.AURORA 1 Best MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT LAWYER

Is There a Case Regarding a Motorbike Accident?

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident that resulted from an accident with a careless driver, a defect in your motorcycle, or hazardous road conditions, you may be able to pursue compensation for your injuries. AURORA 1 Best MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT LAWYER

Basically, you probably have strong grounds to file a lawsuit if another person’s carelessness, recklessness, or purposefully dangerous behaviour contributed to the cause(s) of your accident.

We must determine the total losses you have incurred as a result of the collision in order to obtain compensation on your behalf. This includes any medical expenses, lost wages, and any physical or psychological suffering that has negatively affected your quality of life.

Why Are Motorcycle Accident Cases in Aurora Especially Difficult?

Motorcycle accident victims frequently discover that getting fair compensation requires overcoming challenging legal barriers. Cases involving motorcycle accidents may present greater difficulties than those involving other types of auto accidents for a number of reasons.

Motorcyclists frequently sustain more severe injuries in collisions with other cars than do passengers in cars. This is because motorcycle riders are more likely to sustain severe injuries in an accident. Compared to past costs for injuries that were anticipated to heal quickly, ongoing medical needs related to injury recovery can be more difficult to estimate and recover from.

Riders suffer more significant losses –Riders frequently experience more severe injuries, which leads to greater monetary and personal losses. Because of this, settling a motorcycle accident claim may be more challenging because insurance companies may refuse to pay out when there is a higher dollar amount at stake.AURORA 1 Best MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT LAWYER

In certain situations, at-fault drivers and insurance companies will attempt to minimise their liability for a motorcycle operator’s injuries by relying on prejudices and stereotypes about motorcyclists to try and argue that the operator was partly or entirely responsible for the crash. This is done in an effort to shift blame for an accident back onto the motorcycle operator.

Typical Motorcycle Accident Types and Reasons in Aurora

All types of motorcycle accident cases are handled by our firm, the Motorcycle Accident Attorney. The following are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in the area:

Driving recklessly or aggressively
driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
drowsy or worn-out driving
Distracted driving practises, such as texting and driving,
ignoring stop signs and red lights, among other traffic signals
failing to move out of the way
Unsafe lane changes or turns, such as when one is not checking the mirrors or blind spots or fails to signal
inexperienced drivers
inadequate upkeep of the vehicle
automobile flaws
adverse climate circumstances
bad state of the roads

We can more precisely identify the party or parties who might be held accountable for your injuries both legally and financially once we’ve established what caused your crash.

How Is Motorcycle Accident Fault Ascertained in Aurora?

A thorough examination of the evidence gathered from the scene and the moments following the collision is necessary to identify the cause of a motorcycle accident. Among the crucial kinds of evidence utilised in enquiries into motorcycle accidents are:

Images or video from the accident scene
footage from surveillance or traffic cameras
footage from a dashcam or helmet camera
eyewitness accounts

Police accident reports and records of citations and arrests
Electronic data recorder logs for vehicles
logs of driver cell phones
reports on post-crash vehicle inspections

Expert reports on accident reconstruction
Records from your medical care following your motorcycle accident
Following a motorcycle collision, there are various ways to identify who was at fault for the mishap:

When police are called to an accident scene, the officer compiling the police accident report may make educated guesses about what or who may have caused the accident.


Following the collision, the insurance providers for the motorcyclist and any other drivers involved will conduct their own investigation and determine who was at fault for the mishap. Experts in accident reconstruction are frequently hired by insurers to assist in assigning blame.

A motorcyclist and their lawyer will probably try to negotiate a settlement with the at-fault party or parties and their insurers if the rider decides to file an insurance claim. The parties’ agreement regarding fault for the accident, including whether the motorcycle operator shared some of the blame, will be partially reflected in the settlement amount.AURORA 1 Best MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT LAWYER

If a motorcycle accident case ends up going to trial, the fault for the crash will be determined as a matter of legal fact by the judge or by the jury.
If it is determined that you were partially to blame for your accident, this will not necessarily bar you from pursuing rightful compensation. Many riders who are partially at fault for a crash collect considerable compensation from those who are more at fault than they are.

Potential Compensation for Injuries in a Motorcycle Crash

After you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Aurora, you may be able to recover compensation for injuries and losses that you incurred because of the accident, including:

Costs of medical treatment and rehabilitation of physical injuries
Long-term care expenses if the accident causes permanent disabilities
Motorcycle repairs or reimbursement of the value of your motorcycle if it was totaled in the accident
Loss of wages and income if you cannot work or return to full-time duty while recovering from injuries

Loss of future earnings and employment benefits if you are permanently disabled or affected by long-term recovery burdens
Pain and suffering
Emotional distress and trauma caused by physical disabilities or permanent scarring/disfigurement from your injuries

Understanding State Motorcycle Laws in Colorado
Your case will be influenced by some of the state’s laws concerning motorcycle operations. Important Colorado laws governing motorcycles that may or may not play a part in the resolution of your case include:AURORA 1 Best MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT LAWYER

Motorcycle riders aged 18 and older are not required to wear helmets.

Riders under the age of 18 must wear helmets that have been approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation and conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218.
All riders are required to wear some form of eye protection, such as a visor on a helmet or goggles or safety glasses made from safety glass or plastic.AURORA 1 Best MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT LAWYER

Passengers on motorcycles must have their own factory-equipped seat and footrest and be seated behind the operator; passengers may also be seated in a sidecar.AURORA 1 Best MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT LAWYER

Motorcycle operators may not attach themselves or their bike or grab onto another motor vehicle.
Motorcycles are entitled to the full width of a traffic lane, although two motorcycles may ride side by side in the same lane. Any other vehicle passing or overtaking a motorcycle must move fully over to the adjacent left lane, if legal to do so.AURORA 1 Best MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT LAWYER

Lane splitting, or riding on top of road lines or in between lanes of traffic, is illegal in Colorado Statute of Limitations on Aurora Motorcycle Accident LawsuitsAURORA 1 Best MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT LAWYER

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

After a motorcycle accident, the Colorado statute of limitations serves as a deadline concerning when you must file a lawsuit to pursue compensation for your injuries and losses. If the accident was caused by another traveler, you’ll have three years from the date of the accident to file suit against the at-fault motorist.

However, if the accident was caused by something else, such as a defective part on your motorcycle, you may have only two years from the date of the crash to file a lawsuit. An untimely lawsuit can be permanently dismissed by the court without consideration of the merits.

Colorado’s statute of limitations is only one of the reasons why it is important to talk to an Aurora motorcycle accident lawyer from Lee, Myers & O’Connell, LLP as promptly as possible after a crash to ensure that your rights are protected and your legal options are preserved.

Benefits of Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to Advocate on Your Behalf

Obtaining compensation after a motorcycle accident can involve significant stress and obstacles. By having an experienced motorcycle accident attorney on your side, you’ll have the benefit of someone who will fight for your interests and push back against efforts to minimize or deny your compensation.

This can give you the space and freedom to focus your time and energy on your physical and emotional recovery, secure in the knowledge that you and your case are in good hands.

When you contact a Motorcycle Accident attorney for your motorcycle accident case, Lee, Myers & O’Connell, LLP can help you by:AURORA 1 Best MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT LAWYER

Investigating the accident to determine causation and fault

Preserving critical evidence that could influence the outcome of your case
Identifying potentially liable parties and applicable sources of compensation for your injuries
Documenting your spending and losses to assess what appropriate compensation in your case looks like
Retaining expert witnesses (when needed) to help build a persuasive argument for your case, including

when the at-fault driver or the insurance company tries to pin the blame for the accident on you
Filing insurance claims and pursuing full financial recovery on your behalf, whether through a negotiated settlement or by taking your case to court and advocating on your behalf at trial