You are currently viewing 5 Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Detroit, MI Of 2023
5 Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Detroit, MI Of 2023

5 Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Detroit, MI Of 2023

5 Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Detroit, MI Of 2023

Like any other significant metro area, Detroit has clogged roads, busy thoroughfares, and lively neighborhoods. Often referred to as the “auto capital of the world,” Motor City’s congested streets might not be the friendliest to motorcycle riders—a collision with a car that is larger than an ordinary bike has the potential to be fatal.

Fortunately, there is a strong pool of motorcycle accident attorneys in Detroit who can help you if you are involved in an accident. Forbes Advisor has compiled a list of the top 10 Detroit lawyers and a brief tutorial on how to hire an attorney to assist you in choosing the finest lawyer for your case.

Detroit’s Top Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

A. Jeffrey Danzig

Theodore Fishback
Theodore C. Hubris

Johnson Ven

Kay, Andrew F.

D. Kenneth Lee

Marko Jonathan R.

J. Brian McKeen

Henry S. Pietsch

A. Joel Sklar

How to File a Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

Any lawsuit filing is a stressful and time-consuming process. Here are some essential details and suggestions to assist you in navigating the complexities of a motorcycle case.

The statute of limitations in Michigan

The statute of limitations is the time that has passed before you can file a lawsuit against someone else. Anyone hurt in a motorbike accident in Michigan has three years to launch a case. Their claim is likely to be dismissed if that deadline is missed.

Rules for Motorcyclists in Michigan

Helmet specifications. A motorcycle helmet certified for use must be worn by any passenger or driver under 21. Nonetheless, if an operator satisfies the following criteria, they are exempt from wearing a helmet:

The driver is older than twenty-one.

Their first-party medical insurance coverage total at least $20,000.

The driver has completed an authorized motorcycle safety course or has had a motorcycle endorsement for at least two years.

They are not separating lanes. Motorcycle riders are allowed to pass on the left side of the road in two-way traffic and on the left or right side in one-way traffic, but they are not allowed to drive in between lanes of traffic.

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Brake apparatus. Every motorbike on a roadway requires two brakes: one on the front tire and one on the rear. Remember that you can use your feet or hands to apply these brakes.

Eye and face protection. Anyone riding a motorcycle faster than thirty-five miles per hour must have a windshield on their bike or wear protective eyewear, a helmet with a clear visor, or shatter-resistant, transparent goggles.

5 Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Detroit, MI Of 2023
5 Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Detroit, MI Of 2023

Determining the Cause of a Motorcycle Accident

Michigan has a no-fault system for motorbike and car accidents, just like other states. This implies that each driver’s insurance coverage will pay for specific costs, including medical bills (up to a specified level), wage loss compensation, damage to other people’s property, and any replacement services utilized in an accident, regardless of who was at fault. But remember that this does not mean you cannot sue an at-fault driver; it only means you have fewer alternatives. You can sue an at-fault motorist for certain damages, such as additional medical expenses, pain and suffering, and car damage up to $3,000.

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Modified comparative negligence is another law that applies in Michigan and influences a plaintiff’s ability to recover damages in court or if they are not allowed to recover anything. For an injured motorist to be eligible for damages under modified comparative negligence, they must bear a liability of less than fifty percent. If the plaintiff is granted damages, their share of the blame for the accident is subtracted.

Here’s one instance.

A biker makes a left turn while traveling on a freeway. His turn signal is not working. The behind-the-wheel driver rear-ends the biker, preoccupied with his phone. Due to their inadequate signaling system, the biker is determined to be 30% at fault for the collision and faces $100,000 in damages. As a result, they can only recover $70,000 of their $100,000 claim, as they bear responsibility for the remaining 30% of the injuries.

How Can a Lawyer Assist You?

A motorbike lawyer with experience can handle every facet of your case. They can take the following actions to simplify significantly the lawsuit filing procedure.

Gather all relevant information, including accident reports and police records, and arrange it logically so that it may be presented to the appropriate parties, such as an insurance company, jury, or judge.

Take care of the tedious elements of your case, like document filing and, if needed, consulting with medical professionals about your injuries and accident recreation specialists.

To make sure you get compensation for your psychological and physical damage, bargain with insurance companies.

To make a strong case during talks with the defendant and their attorney, assess the advantages and disadvantages of your case.

How to Locate Detroit, Michigan’s Top Motorcycle Accident Attorney

It would help if you had a reputable, accomplished, and formidable lawyer on your side in the courtroom because motorcycle riders have an incredibly elevated danger of death compared to other car passengers. How can one locate one of these lawyers? These are some essential traits to consider.

Specific knowledge. While many lawyers practice personal injury law, not all of them concentrate on cases involving motorcycle accidents. It is a plus to find a lawyer with motorcycle accident experience, especially if the accident is complicated.

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Exceptional capacity for bargaining. Given that serious injuries from motorcycle accidents result in larger compensation payouts, insurance companies could be reluctant to provide you with the money you are rightfully due. Any attorney you want to deal with should be able to provide evidence of their abilities and track record of success in both and out-of-court negotiations.

Trial by fire. Hiring a personal injury lawyer with trial experience lets the insurance company and the defendant know you are prepared to fight for your rights, even though most cases involving personal injuries conclude in settlement rather than going to trial.

Positive reviews. Any good motorbike lawyer has good testimonials. To obtain a comprehensive understanding of a company’s success rate and character, don’t merely rely on the evaluations found on their website. Instead, compare them with reviews from Google, social media, and personal recommendations.


Numerous aspects were taken into account by Forbes Advisor to choose the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Detroit in 2023. The algorithm used by Forbes Advisor evaluates and weighs the data gathered to determine a particular grade. It then examines these findings to identify the top lawyers in a specific practice area.

We consider elements that consumers and legal experts find essential in an attorney’s qualifications while developing the model. Having given hundreds of data points weighted scores, we were able to reduce the field to our top selections based on the following:

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legal background

certain certificates and licenses

Morality and prohibiting disciplinary actions

Leadership in legal thought

Background in education and employment

academic works and presentations

Honors & Awards

Forbes Advisor gathers public data from various sources, such as court documents, state bar associations, and other online publications. However, this material should be regarded as partial. It might contain less pertinent details on the qualifications and experience of an attorney in law.

Every attorney on this list has advantages of their own. Remember that our ranking is based on the attorneys’ prior legal experience; it does not assess their character or level of legal expertise. One lawyer may work better for your particular case than another.

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However, one element that cannot be measured is your relationship with your lawyer. When working with an attorney, personality counts, particularly when navigating a potentially challenging legal matter. When looking for the best attorney for you and your legal needs, you may use these rankings as a guide and a place to start.

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